The Power in Your Process


I’ve been talking a lot this year about how to express the value of your work so that your ideal clients really understand the return on investment when they work with you.

Because when they get that, it makes it so much easier for them to say yes if your offer is a good fit.

When people can see HOW you deliver your transformation, they feel clearer about whether this is for them, they feel more confident that you can get THEM a result, and they feel safer to say yes and take the leap into working with you.

A huge part of sharing this unmistakeable value is knowing your process – the pathway you take people on in order to get them identifiable results.

When this isn’t clear, it can create mental confusion around how someone would get a result.

It can create uncertainty about whether your offer would work for them.

And doubt around whether this is the right choice and a good fit.

Any form of confusion gets in the way of resonance and someone being able to feel that clear ‘yes’ in response to your invitation.

If someone was in front of you right now, could you explain your process or method in 2 mins or less? Is it clear on your sales pages? Can you rattle it off in an interview?

Because here’s the thing – know what people who can do that are called?


Knowing your process + being able to articulate your process ELEVATES you to expert status. 

  • It demonstrates you really know what you’re talking about.
  • It shows the viability of your work because you have a repeatable process or framework.
  • It is a bankable business asset because that clarity equals more people investing in you – and your process!!


If you need some help to clarify YOUR process, keep reading to see the process I use when working with someone to do just that.


3 steps to map your process:


1. The Start + Finish Lines

First you need to be clear on A/ the start line: what are they struggling with? And B/ the finish line: what is the result they want? Your process moves them from A to B.

For example: one of the things my clients can struggle with is articulating the value of their work. What do they want? To feel confident expressing the value of their work so that more clients say yes to working with them


2. The Pathway

Your process or pathway isn’t complicated. It’s going to be 3 to 5 steps or stages that people move through from where they are (A) to where they want to get to (B). Think about: where do you start with them? What comes next? What can come up? If you think about it as a journey, it can sometimes be easier – what are the high-level pieces people need to move through, shift or learn to get the result you deliver?

For example: I have a 4-part framework called The 4 Ps of Value Creation that I know helps people nail value articulation.


3. The Transformations

For each step or stage we need to identify the mini transformation.

Because at every stage your people are transforming something, whether it’s clearing a block, learning a skill, releasing trapping emotion, identifying their big goal, or outlining their course.

To reveal the mini transformation we need to demonstrate 3 things: the problem you are solving in this step, the process / tool / method you use to do that, and the result they achieve.

For example: the second P in my framework is ‘Problem’, which is about clearly speaking to the struggle or challenge your ideal client is experiencing. The transformation is turning lack lustre, ineffective copy that isn’t doing its job, into resonant language that attracts.

So I might say something like:

In this second step, we’ll identify vague, abstract copy [problem] and turn it into specific, resonant language [process] so that your ideal client instantly says ‘that’s me’ and leans in to learn more. [result]

And that’s my 3-step process for mapping YOUR process!

How did you find it ? Are you inspired to get mapping so you can elevate your expertise? I hope so – if you use this process let me know how you get on.

I do feel like there could be a new offer brewing around this. If I were to put together say a paid 90min ish workshop where I guided you through mapping your own process, is that something you’d be interested in? If so, hit reply and let me know. If there’s enough interest I’ll get creating 🙂

Enjoy playing with your process.

Big hugs, Lynn x

Ps. If you want to go deeper on this topic, I’ve got a free webinar called Message Makeover that talks more about the 4 Ps of Value Creation and mapping your own process.