The 3 ‘Results’ Your Ideal Client Needs to Hear


Ever walked into a clothing store and gone, ‘nah, it’s not for me’?

It could have been the clothes, the price tags, the ‘feel’, the attitude of the assistants, or a combo of them all.

Something didn’t quite hit the spot in your shopping experience.

It’s the same when you read a sales page or listen to a verbal offer from someone you’re interested  in working with.

You’re listening for feel, connection with the person behind the pitch, price range, and is this product what I want?

That last one is what I want to break down for you today as it’s a crucial ingredient to attracting right-fit clients who are ready and willing to work with you.

When we clearly express the wants and needs of our ideal client it creates resonance, builds credibility, and develops trust.

When they read it on the page or hear you speak, it opens the door to those possible outcomes for themselves.

It makes them feel seen and understood.

When it comes to what your ideal client’s want, I call it The Promised Land.

The Promised Land is the place in they want to reach.

But when it comes to talking about the Promised Land, there are a few Mile Markers that we need to highlight so that your ideal client can truly understand the impact of your work and why it’s valuable to them.

Let’s take a look…



Mile Marker 1 – Tangible Result

In the near distance, when they cross into the Promised Land, the first thing they achieve is a TANGIBLE RESULT. Something they can learn, develop or master. It could be: a new skill, a new understanding, a modality, a mindset shift, a business blueprint, a map to their desired relationship, a launch checklist, a yearly curated menu plan, new empowering habits, the support they need, a boost in confidence or clarity.

You can have more than one tangible result of course, and it’s likely your programme or course offers several. Some of my tangible deliverables include: an aligned content marketing plan, clarity on your content pillars, a reconnection to your heart’s message. Your tangible results are specific and often people can ‘walk away with them’.


Mile Marker 2 – Desired Outcome

Then we go deeper into the Promised Land and we reach their DESIRED OUTCOME. To understand what this looks like, we ask the question, why do they want that tangible result? Why do they want to learn, develop or master a skill, habit, business model or mindset shift? What will it allow them to have? What will it allow them to do? Who will it allow them to become?

Maybe they want to attract more soul clients, feel as fit as they did in their 20s, fall back in love with their partner again, create a home they love being in, hit $10K months, create their first 5-figure launch, feel clear and confident in how they talk about their work.


Mile Marker 3 – Big Vision

And then the final destination in the Promised Land, the thing that is on the horizon, is THE BIG VISION.

What are the first two milestones in aid of? They are steps along the way toward…. what? What is the ultimate dream business / lifestyle / relationship / goal your ideal client wants?

I know a lot of my clients have visions of speaking on stage in front of hundreds or thousands of people. I know others who dream of having a million-dollar business. Friends have dreams of their business being so successful they can retire their husbands, or be debt free, or live a latch-key life and work from anywhere in the world.

What’s that big vision for YOUR client?

The more clarity you have on the three mile markers in your ideal client’s Promised Land the easier it becomes for you to write copy that connects with what your ideal client wants and entices them to take the next step, whether that’s attend your webinar or join your programme!

Enjoy digging into the dreams of your soul client 🙂

Lynn x