Simplify Your Offers to Get Better Results for Your Clients

In my 10 years in business I have been a chronic overdeliverer.

Even though I’d heard the guidance many times to keep offers simple and focused on one outcome, put in only what was needed for that outcome, and leave out the rest – I found that SO hard.

My courses and programmes and even freebies have always been super comprehensive and left no stone unturned. (Last year I created Content Planning Made Easy, which was meant to be a free workbook, and then turned into a full-blown, low-cost mini course because I didn’t want to leave anything out!)

But this year, I was really guided to simplify what I created and make my offers more streamlined.

I followed that nudge when I created Be The Channel earlier this year. Last week we finished the second round of the programme and one of the reasons I’m writing this today is because I have been blown away by some of the transformations people have experienced.

Simple course design is the key


I know it is in part because of how I designed this course – step-by-step, with just the information they needed, over a relatively short timeframe, focused on one outcome (opening or amplifying your channel), with embedded opportunities to practise what they learnt, and providing coaching support to help them progress.

When I wrote the modules, I really WANTED to include more. And I’m going to talk about where that need comes from in another blog because it’s important. But today I want to bring home to you the power of focus and simplicity in our offers to facilitate real, lasting results for our clients.

These days, more than ever, people need less, not more, so that they stay out of overwhelm, remain focused on the goal at hand, and make progress toward it. People are truly grateful when you make things simple, easy and focused.

If you want to create simplified offers for better client results (or streamline what you’ve got) here’s 3 ways to go about it:

3 ways to simplify or streamline your offers:


1. Be VERY clear on the singular outcome your course, programme or product is designed to deliver.

Think about your customer journey and narrow in on one piece they need to achieve their desired bigger outcomes. For instance, my audience wants to create content with more ease and impact, and I know they need to access their divine inspiration to achieve that, so that’s what Be The Channel focuses on.If you’ve got a larger or longer programme, it will have a ‘bigger’ transformation, so be clear on the ‘mini’ transformations within that longer journey.  (Here’s a blog about big and little transformations if you want to know more.)

2. Be ruthless about only including what information people need to achieve that outcome.

As I am a chronic overdeliverer, I had my coach sense check my initial outline (which revealed I was trying to solve way more than the next step, so I whittled it back.)And as I created the module workbooks, I allowed myself to write them, and then I doubled back to see if there was anything I could weed out (most of the time there was).

The biggest thing I learnt about this was that people need space in their learning, that’s why simplicity is so important, because it allows for space to absorb, integrate and practise, which is what facilitates the transformation.

NB. This step is easier said than done because of what goes on inside you. There were several moments where I doubted whether I had included enough and whether people would think they were getting ‘value for money’ but that’s mindset work I’ll talk more about in the next newsletter.

3. Be ruthless about including only the course/programme elements people need to facilitate transformation.

We’ve been taught that more is always better, and it really isn’t. So consider what people ACTUALLY need to transform.We’re talking inclusions, so the things they ‘get’ as part of the course or programme. And the best way to establish if they are essential is to think about the benefit of it, and whether your client has said they want that or you know they need that. For instance, I knew people would need to practise channelling (whether they thought they could do it or not) in order to facilitate their opening, so I included a channelling exercise in every module. This wasn’t optional, but essential.

NB. Beware of bonuses. Again, we’ve been taught more is better, and I’m not against bonuses but rather being mindful of why you’re sharing them. In course design, bonuses are additional items that are not essential to the transformation but that often provide solutions for what your clients think they need or obstacles they may see to joining your programme ie a bonus could be “Get Clients in 30 Days Training” so they can make more money straight away or “The $100K Sales Page Template” – if you were doing a course about copywriting to make more sales

One last thing I want to share with you is this – simpler course design is not just a win for your clients, but you too.

Delivering Be The Channel is easy, repeatable, joyful, and delivers rich outcomes that people rave about.

There is nothing in there that feels like ‘hard work’ to me. I actually had tears of disbelief when I spoke to my coach one day about the transformations people were experiencing from 6 modules and 6 coaching calls. It felt too easy.

I’ve spent so many years making my business hard work, that to arrive in this place where I’ve created way more ease in my business – and getting my clients even better outcomes as a result – feels like magic. (It’s not, but it feels magical to be here 🙂 )

To create this change for ourselves and our clients, we need to shift some inner beliefs around hard work, value and worth, which I’ll talk about next time.

But for now, if you want a practical step, go and have a look at either an existing course, or sit with what you want to create next, and really feel into the questions above, and see what can be refocused or whittled away so you can facilitate more ease, focus and better results for your clients.

Love to hear how this has landed or any questions it brings up for you. Feel free to send me a DM or email me at