Rising from the Ashes of my Breast Cancer Journey

Owning who I became after cancer has in some ways been more tricky than the actual cancer journey itself. 

Cancer wasn’t something I could control and it wasn’t on my timeline, I just had to be there and show up to what was happening every day. 

But accepting and integrating the person I became, oof, that has been something I’ve fought against! 

I didn’t want to be the ‘cancer’ person.

I didn’t want that event to define me. 

I didn’t want that to be all that I spoke about. 

And, quite frankly, it left me traumatised so all I wanted to do was move on and forget about it as much as I could. 

But the whole point of that journey was that it DID change me. 

And it’s been a 4-year journey to heal, come back to life, own the gifts in the journey and fully integrate them into my life and work.

But what I can see now is that my breast cancer journey helped me to see and understand the depths we go to internally to protect ourselves from potential pain, to avoid being really seen, and how those ways of being actually prevent us from having what we really want

Over my 12 months of treatment, the layers of identity, fear, and false belief that formed a barrier between me and the world were systematically revealed and released, until I became someone new. 

I experienced more love than I could handle, so much support it challenged my ability to receive, and so much divine flow I sometimes thought I was in an alternate reality. 


But when I stopped being ‘sick’, I returned to my old habit of doubting whether I was worthy of such love, care and divine support. And I fell back into some of my old ways of protection, hiding and proving my worth.


I kinda laugh at myself now, because I was changed fundamentally and I could feel it. But I wasn’t yet ready to see and acknowledge who I had become. I had to grieve the old me, my old life and all the pain I had suffered to become this new person.

But in early 2023, things started to shift. It was like I could feel myself ‘wake up’ and I felt ready to really live again. So I packed up my things and went travelling overseas for 3 months. (Travelling is one of my greatest joys!)

And then everything else started to wake up too. During my travels I could feel my soul pushing me to take the leap and claim the truth of who I had become in my work – a spiritual entrepreneur, tapped into my divine connection, and here to support others to grow in their soul connection, expression and work.  

I bucked against the pull for a few months lols But eventually I surrendered, and finally accepted and started to reveal the new me. 

Here’s what happened next: 

  • In Dec ‘23, I reintroduced myself to my audience and claimed that space as a spirit-led entrepreneur here to serve soul-led people. 
  • In Jan ‘24, I publicly owned the fact I channelled content for myself and clients. 
  • In Feb ‘24, I launched a programme to teach others how to channel their content. 
  • In April ‘24, I ran a free event called Divine Inspiration, where I shared some of the most vulnerable, truest, close-to-my heart wisdom I have on what it takes to create aligned messaging. (And overcame some significant barriers in the process around sharing my own personal cancer journey stories.)

I feel like I have arrived at that phoenix moment, and rebirthed from the ashes of my breast cancer journey. I feel more alive and aligned with who I am, what I do and why I am here, than ever before. 

So let me re-introduce myself… 

Hello, I am Lynn Hord, breast cancer survivor. 

Spiritual warrior. 

Soulful self-expression facilitator. 

Word magician. 

And pursuer of joy.  

It’s great to finally meet you.