People don’t buy what they can’t see

OK, let’s get real for a second, cause your business growth depends on it…

Are you really making consistent offers in your business? Hmmm 🤔🧐

If not, then you might well relate to this story…

I had a client a while back come to me and share all the things she had been doing in her business from showing up and sharing brilliant content, to doing challenges, and embracing Instagram.

She knew she was awesome at what she does and got clients great results, which is why she was baffled – and frustrated – by the fact more people weren’t buying her services.

After she’d shared this with me, I asked her one simple question.

“Are you inviting them to work with you? You know, making actual offers for your services?”


Ah, that’d be a no.

In her mind, she told me, they’d go to her website, squirrel around to find her services, and then book and pay once they found the link (buried in the depths of her website).

Or, they would love her content SO MUCH they would just want to reach out and ask, how can I work with you?

I get it, I’ve thought that too – but… it doesn’t work that way.

People rarely see you once and instantly want to hand over money to work with you!


Most people are waiting to be ASKED, by you, to work with them.

Most people need to see an offer MULTIPLE times before we take action.

And, people need to feel they can TRUST you, before they take the leap and say yes.

While that is all true, and it’s why we need to get better at consistently sharing clear offers to work with us, it’s not the underlying reason why you don’t make enough of them right now.

The real blocks are on the inside. Because how you feel about your offers and yourself as the offer maker, are what really fuel your action – or inaction.

In case you’ve not come across them before, here are the 4 common reasons we shy away from making confident offers:

  1. Fear of rejection
  2. Don’t want to be an icky sales person
  3. Lack of confidence in the results they can deliver
  4. Lack of clarity around articulating the value of their work

Any of those feel like you? I sure know I’ve experienced all of them!

What has helped me, and my clients, to overcome these is shifting our perception of what it means to make offers and learning to communicate in your copy what’s most important to your clients so they see your programme, course or membership as an answer to their call for help to solve the problem they are facing.

It’s a juicy topic and one that can 100% shift the results you create in your business, so if you want to dive deeper on this join me for next week’s 3-day Message Magic Journey.

I honestly can’t wait to share this brand-new content because I know it’s going to make a difference to how you think about your offers and show up and share them.

Join me right here.

We start on Monday so see you then!

Have a fab weekend and can’t wait to help you create magic with your message next week.

Lynn x

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