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The success of your soul-led business all starts with… your message.
It’s the foundation of everything you do and create in your business – your content, your copy, your offers, your marketing.
Without a clear and magnetic message, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. It’s harder to articulate the value of your work and make it easy for people to buy from you.

It keeps your business feeling like an uphill struggle because you’re constantly chopping and changing your focus and not getting known for your ‘one thing’.

Over the 10 years I’ve been supporting people to create powerful messaging for their business, I’ve seen one irrefutable fact:

The more you crystallise your message,
the more potent your business becomes.
Creating a powerful message isn’t just about the words you choose,
but how you FEEL about them.

Does your message inspire you?
Does it feel authentic to you?
Are you aligned with it?

When your energy matches your intention –

message dynamite.

Imagine if you could:

Show up to any Live, talk, interview or training and feel confident in what you were going to talk about.

Write or record content that you KNOW shows you as an authority and sets you up as the go-to solution provider in your field.

Actually enjoy sharing your message!

Feel ready for amplified visibility through bigger launches, media coverage or podcast guesting.

Hi there!

I’m Lynn Hord, Copy Queen and Intuitive Business Mentor. For the past 10 years I’ve supported soul-led business women to craft a powerful message that attracts their soul clients, expresses the value of their work and gets more people saying yes to working with them.

My signature sauce is a combination of 20 years wordsmithing as a journalist, editor and copywriter, plus 15 years of coaching and a lifetime as a high-intuitive who can feel what needs to be acknowledged, highlighted and amplified for you to truly stand out.

As a soul-led business woman your message is an extension of who you are… and who you are becoming… and together we can birth that next evolution of you, your message and your body of work.

If you’re done being the best kept secret in your field, and you’re ready to be truly respected, recognised and rewarded for the transformational work you do and the years you’ve spent honing your craft, let’s talk.

Book in for a complimentary Message Clarity Call and let’s diagnose what it’s going to take to elevate your business to expert level, and how I can help you get there.


Lynn is magic in helping me get to the core of my message. Plus she is teaching me how to bring it in a way that’s not only inspirational but also meets my ideal clients where they are so that they are activated to take the next step with me. Highly recommend her!

– Lisa Peek, Wealth and Women’s Leadership Mentor

Lynn is amazing. I’ve created so much with her support – challenges, programmes, sales pages, Facebook groups. She is a brilliant intuitive mentor and word wizard who helps to find and communicate the heart of your message. Love you Lynn!

– Rionach Aiken, Soulful Visibility Mentor


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FREE: Learn how to move your offers from ‘maybe’ to
‘must have’ with the Message Makeover training