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Are you ready to bring something new into the world?


  • A new course, package or programme?
  • A more aligned, joyful version of your business?
  • A newer, truer version of you and your message?


You can feel it pushing at your edges. Along with the excitement, creative tension and frustration that come with birthing something new.


But whatever is set to emerge, it’s not quite clear, yet.

You’re not sure exactly what it looks like.

How it’s going to work.

Or how you’re going to talk about it.

And you’re feeling the pressure – and overwhelm – of all the choices that need to be made!


But what you are sure about is that change is in the air. And you’re ready to welcome it in 🙂


To welcome in CLARITY about what you’re creating.

To find more EASE around how you work and run your business.

To EMBODY a more powerful, passionate version of you and your message.

To FOCUS on what wants to emerge now – and get shit done.

And to bloody well have FUN on the journey of creating. (Amen, sister!)


If you’re done ‘messing around’ with ideas and words.

If you’re ready to shift this uncomfortable bubbling and translate it into something grounded, tangible and money-making.

And if you’re all set to transition into the next, expanded version of you and your business.


Then it would be my delight to be your creative partner in crime 🙂



Well, hello there! **she smiles + waves** 

I’m Lynn Hord, Creative Catalyst, resident Joy Coach about these parts, Word Nerd and Conduit of Truth Tingles.

For many years now I’ve been partnering with business owners to turn their business visions and feelings into grounded, clear, joyful offerings that excite them AND their tribe.

In other words, I help you take what’s in your heart and breathe shape, form and fun into it 🙂 


Here’s how we do it:


EMBODY: We tease out the essence of who you are becoming – the next, more expanded version of you.

I hold a safe space for you to connect more fully with that energy, sit with it, explore it and have fun finding out what you want to do, say and create from this juicy, expanded place!


CLARITY: now that we know what you’re creating, what’s the best, most aligned way for you to share it with the world?

From restructuring your business model to rejigging your offerings to what you’ll include in a course or coaching package, we craft a way of working that DELIGHTS you – and fully serves your clients. #doublewin


FOCUS: Next we make an inspired – and practical – plan!

We make smart choices that serve your business goals – we start with the result you want and work backwards.

We create step-by-step plans that eliminate confusion and overwhelm.

And we choose ways of marketing and delivering your projects that are in flow and fun for you!


MESSAGING: We play with words that reflect this new energy or offering. I ask you questions, you feel safe to play, and when we hit on the right ones, truth tingles often result (which is my experienced ear + intuition saying THESE WORDS, THESE WORDS 🙂 )


RESULTS: Together we get shit done so that you can get what’s inside you out into the world in the fastest, easiest, most fun way possible.

And that what we create is contributing to your business growth – and your bank balance.



Lynn is rare in this cookie-cutter world because she really takes the time to listen, to get to know you as a person and to understand your business.

As a coach she holds space beautifully for whatever comes up. When I have a wobble she lets me express my stuff without buying into it, she doesn’t judge, and when the time is right she gently moves you forward. 

She has helped me find the words to express what I do, to write better, to plan new websites and product launches, and she always provides a steady flow of ideas for how to keep marketing and growing my business.

I keep coming back to work with Lynn because she delivers. She gives such good, sound advice and I know when I work with her I get results.
Plus, she is very patient and a joy to work with too!

~ Karen Haller, Applied Colour Psychologist and author of The Little Book of Colour



Whether you’re wanting to reshape your business, overhaul your website or create new programmes or packages that better reflect the new, more expanded version of you that’s waiting in the wings, I can help.

Specific things we may work on, depending on what you need, include:


    • Getting clear on your business vision and feeling excited about it again!
    • Streamlining your business model for more simplicity, ease and flow
    • Structuring a new offering (1-2-1 packages; memberships; courses; group programmes)
    • Creating marketing plans that use your strengths and natural flow
    • Creating content: from new course outlines to membership deliverables, to blogs, email sequences or sales pages, we can brainstorm any wordy content you need
    • Overhauling or tweaking your website to reflect the new changes and create a better customer journey
    • NB: Note on the wordsmithery – I help you brainstorm the words. I give you structures to follow, LOADS of suggestions and plenty of feedback, but I don’t write the words for you. Instead, we record our sessions so that you (or your fav transcribing software) can go back and plunder them for all the wordy goodness that I’ll share.



Lynn has the gift of helping to take your vision, gift and ideas and landing them into the world in a way that is really accessible to your audience.

She helped me find the best words to communicate what I do and how I work in a way that people can easily understand – and I’ve struggled with this for quite a while! 

She holds a joyful, safe space to connect to the heart and soul of your business and then helps to bring that essence into your copy, your work and your business. 

And there’s lots of fun and laughter around the soulful work that gets done! 

~ Lara Waldman, The Abundance Activator



I’m the creative catalyst for you if:

  • You are looking for a collaborator, someone to facilitate your creative process
  • You’ve been in business for several years and have a solid handle on what you’re here to do and how you work
  • You’re prepared to do the work between our sessions to make quick progress
  • You want to use your own words but need someone to help you draw them out of you and help you polish them so they sparkle 🙂
  • You’re an innovator and get excited about the possibility of creating unique offerings for your clients
  • You want to have fun and enjoy the creation process!


If you’ve got a project or new creation you want to take shape, and you’d really love a creative collaborator to play with and support you to get it done, then take a look below at the ways we can work together.



From our very first session, Lynn lit a fire under me. She helped me see what was possible and kept reconnecting me to my value whenever my confidence waivered.

Working with her was an absolute joy. Our calls were always fun, and Lynn’s enthusiasm is infectious. Her genuine excitement around progress I made or ‘aha’ moments I had was so motivating and energising! 

I am immensely grateful to Lynn not just for her practical support with launches, sales copy and strategy, but for the skilful and sensitive way in which she gently tackles what’s going on under the surface. 

~ Louise Miller, VA and Productivity Mentor





This session delivers Ideas > Clarity > Energy > Focus > Action.

This is for someone who has a specific project they want to move forward and they’re feeling stuck. You’re probably in need of inspiration, want to bounce ideas, find the most energising path forward, and make a clear plan for what to do next. In which case, I’ve got you covered –  you’ll walk away with a TON of ideas and energy to get cracking.

(NB: This is not for larger projects so email hello@lynnhord.com if you’re unsure whether what you want to work on constitutes a ‘larger’ project.)



Thank you so much for our session. You totally inspired me to get moving and I’ve already done all the outline and promotional planning for my next event! And since our call I’ve booked £4,500 of new work after a dry few months, so you definitely shifted something! 

~ Katie Duckworth, www.be-the-change.org.uk





  • 3hr Vision + Strategy Session (online or in person in north London)
  • 3 x 1hr follow-up coaching sessions to support you to take action

This is for someone looking to build more momentum in their business, to create or launch something new, or have a period of focused action to make significant progress towards your business vision or financial goals.

We’ll take it from the top, get clear on your vision and big plans, then break it down to exactly what you need to do, and how you can do it in a way that’s most in flow and fun for you. And with 3 coaching support sessions, you can be sure you’ll make that progress you’re looking for.



Working with Lynn was an absolute JOY! I came to my work with her thinking I was going to change over some sales copy and I ended up going on a journey of rewriting, updating and mapping my website in a new way that represents where I am now in my business. 

I felt held, supported and gently guided by her in this amazing journey that unfolded and blossomed before me. I couldn’t have done this work without her!

~ Laura West, Divine Lotus Healing






This one’s for you if you want to squeeze all the juice from creative process and come out the other side feeling expanded, inspired and fully expressed.

This is full support, full speed ahead for bigger projects. We take it from the top – aligning with your highest, joyful vision – and bring it all the way down to the nuts and bolts of real-world, practical, attractive, profitable offerings that you can be excited by – and proud of.

  • 2hr Vision + Strategy Session
  • 8 x 1hr coaching sessions, weekly to keep up progress and momentum
  • 3 hours of copy feedback (equates to several single-page audio overviews or one hands-on polishing for say a sales page)
  • Access to copywriting templates



Are you ready to do this the easier and more fun way, and do it together?
Then book in here to get the conversation started with a free chat about where you’re at, what you need and how I could help. 

(Can’t find a time that works? Email hello@lynnhord.com and we’ll get something sorted.)


Lynn is unique because she combines skills that you don’t usually find in one coach – mindset, business strategy and copywriting.  As someone who puts joy at the forefront of her life the client’s happiness and wellbeing always comes first – it’s never “let’s grow this business at all costs” – it’s always “let’s make sure we have fun while we grow this business”.   Most importantly, she’s also got a really sharp business brain and understanding of marketing principles, and is also very perceptive at spotting when someone is going off in a direction that doesn’t fully serve them and bringing them back on track.  I initially enrolled her as an “accountability coach” in my high-end business mentoring programme, Business From the Heart, but very quickly gave her free rein to advise clients on strategy and business decisions because I knew she would give them the same sort of solid, practical, grounded advice that I would.  As an added bonus her copywriting background means she can help with those niggly things that people often get stuck on for too long like catchy titles, headlines and sales pages. So it’s quite a combination!

I’m so glad I trusted that instinct to hire her because all the clients who had Lynn as their coach credited her support as a key factor in their success within the programme. If you are looking for a business coach who cares equally about your happiness and your business success and can give you solid, grounded advice she’s your gal.  Oh, not to mention that she’s always a joy to deal with and will brighten your day!

~ Catherine Watkin, Selling From the Heart



Working with Lynn has been transformational. Her support and belief in me and my ability to deliver real change for my clients has helped me to step out of my flagging self-esteem and into, and totally own my expert status.

What I have found so helpful is Lynn’s anchoring effect – her natural ability to hold space, even via Skype.

She has regularly pulled me back down to earth, using her unique talents to laser in on the REAL issue and then offer me workable solutions.

She’s not called the Joy Coach for nothing, on one occasion I was really struggling, overwhelmed, and feeling particularly rubbish. Within a couple of minutes being coached, I call it “coached” but it comes so naturally to Lynn it felt like a chat with a mate, I was first smiling and then breaking out into laughter.

So maybe these are Lynn’s real skills, her intuitiveness, her curiosity, her deep knowing and compassion for her fellow human beings that means she really does have her client’s best interest at heart!

~ Sam Selby, The Birth Healer