A Message that Matters

Let’s craft a magnetic message so you can stand out from the crowd, attract your soul clients, and express the value of your work so more people say yes to working with you.

Does this sound like you?

– It doesn’t feel like your message is hitting home so you keep changing what you say – but it ends up feeling more muddled

– You’ve been working with clients for a while and are awesome at what you do, but can’t seem to generate more interest and new leads and you don’t know why!

– You’ve just launched a new course, programme or package (or want to) and you feel confused about what you need to say in order for people to really get the value of the transformation you deliver.

– You WANT to use your voice and be bolder in what you share, but keep being held back by self-doubt, imposter syndrome and fear (even though you’ve done a TON of inner work)

– When it comes to copy writing for your business, you just wish someone would demystify the process and show you the techniques you need to get the results you want

– You are a doer, but sometimes those pesky Ps – perfectionism and procrastination – get the upper hand and you lose the momentum you’ve been building

I really get it.

You, like me, are a woman here to follow her soul’s calling and make a difference in the world.
Which requires a magnetic message that shines, connects and converts your perfect clients…. AND feels authentic and congruent to you.

You want to:

Craft a message with meaning and impact.

Be authentic and share from the heart.

Stand behind your wisdom and gifts.

Show up consistently so you can reach more people.

And… you want to be able to easily express the power of what you do so you can help more people with your soul’s work.

A crystal-clear message is the vehicle to do exactly that.

It is a transmission of your transformation, all by itself. It demonstrates the value of working with you with ease and simplicity. It draws in soul clients like bees to honey. It supports people to quickly see you as a trusted, go-to expert. It inspires people to engage and reply to your social posts and emails. It entices them to sign up for your freebies and events. And, when your offer is a match for what they need, it has them ready and willing to invest with you. And I want to help you get to that powerful place sooner, and easier!

That’s why I created A Message That Matters.

To support soul-led business women to ignite their message, express their value, and attract more of their soul clients through an 8-week copy + offer immersion.

In this programme we will: –

– Clarify your heart’s message and why you are the perfect person to share it
– Craft essential copy pieces that ensure you feel confident talking about your work anywhere, anytime.
– Deep dive into your soul client so you can speak directly to them and create an instant bond with your words
– Create or refine your signature offer so it’s an easy yes
– And capture the true value of it in compelling sales copy that converts!

How will we do that?

– Step-by-step modules, copywriting frameworks, copy templates
– Weekly live calls with hot-seat feedback and coaching
– Ongoing access to all course content so you can keep refining your message and offer after our time together is done.

And the best part?

You get my expert eyes on your copy every step of the way.
And my intuitive knowing to uncover any inner blocks to you sharing a powerful message.

Which means you will fast-track attracting more perfect-fit clients without wasting any more time and energy in perfectionism, procrastination or self-doubt!

Does that sound like exactly what you need?

A Message That Matters provides all the business foundations you need to share a powerful message that attracts, nurtures and inspires people to work with you, and nothing you don’t.

You get this:

Clarity and connection to your core message

Confidence to show up as your unique, magnetic self

Expert content pillars that make you a trusted leader in your field

A signature offer that your clients are lining up for

Sales copy that clearly expresses the value of what you do!

Copy essentials that are the foundation of confident messaging

Content + copy templates that are easy to use

A 360-degree view of your soul client that enables you to write resonant messaging - every time

Constant support to keep you creating - and completing - the pieces that will allow your business momentum to flow

But without:

A do-it-yourself course with no guidance or support

Having to figure it all out on your own

Getting stopped by your same old blocks

Copywriting templates that rely on pain points to get conversions

Complicated offers that make your heart sink

The need for thousands of words to explain what you do!

A Message That Matters is different because…

It’s not about creating a cookie-cutter message, but one as unique as you. And that is not just about the words you write, but the energy behind them.

Unlike many other messaging programmes, we work on the practical AND the energetic:

Your message + your connection to it
Your offer + your belief in it
Your sales copy + your conviction behind it And to keep you moving forward with both you get:

It’s not about creating a cookie-cutter message, but one as unique as you. And that is not just about the words you write, but the energy behind them. Unlike many other messaging programmes, we work on the practical AND the energetic: Your message + your connection to it Your offer + your belief in it Your sales copy + your conviction behind it And to keep you moving forward with both you get:

– High-touch mentoring – so you don’t get stuck on your words but get my expert feedback on your copy every week through our live weekly calls and private Facebook group.

– Intuitive guidance on where you’re internally out of alignment with your message – and how to release and realign so your energy matches your words.

– Focus on heart-centred messaging – so it becomes natural to connect to your heart’s inspiration and turn it into relevant, resonant copy for your audience.

– Step-by-step instruction – delivered through weekly modules that take you through processes to clarify your message; get to know your ideal client; craft your expert content; create or refine your signature offer; and articulate the value of your transformation.

– Access to The Copy Vault – my stash of copy templates + writing resources that ensure you have everything you need to share your ideas, wisdom and work in a clear, accessible and compelling way!

Does that sound like exactly what you need?

For the last year, Lynn’s been the ground beneath my (often shaky) business feet. I bring her vague, half-formed ideas, rough copy, indecisions, potential distractions. She spots the diamonds and polishes them – in my offers, my messaging, my processes, my opportunities. Keeping me clear, sparkling and on track. Priceless.
She really is an alignment genie.

~ Rionach Aiken, Visibility Mentor for Visionary Leaders

Here’s how we will create YOUR powerful, resonant message…
This programme is designed to lead you through a step-by-step process that draws out the fundamental information you need to clarify + amplify your message; attract + connect with your soul client; and articulate the value of your work with confidence and impact.

Here’s what we cover:

Week 1: Your Heart Message
– Connect deeply to the energy of your heart’s message
– And why it matters to YOU.
– So you can kick imposter syndrome to the curb 😉

Week 2: Your Why Story
– Confidently share why you are the perfect messenger for your mission.
– So you can feel deep conviction and belief in your mission
– And attract your people through your own story

Week 3: Your Soul Client 360
Learn to see through the eyes of your soul client
– So you can communicate what’s most important to THEM

Week 4: Business Copy Essentials Part 1
– Craft a captivating business intro statement
– And outline your transformation pillars
– So you can talk about your work + how it helps anywhere, anytime

Week 5: Business Copy Essentials Part 2
– Write a succinct, powerful bio that captures your expertise AND your magic
– So you can showcase yourself powerfully for talks, podcasts, events or on your landing pages!

Week 6: Your Expert Knowledge Pillars
– Define your expert topics so your content stays on point and you stand out as a trusted expert in your field.
– AND, never have to face the blinking cursor of doom again because you’ll have content ideas coming out your ears!

Week 7: Express Your Value
– Learn the copywriting techniques that demonstrate value!
– Map the process you use to deliver your transformational results

Week 8: Your Compelling Sales Copy
– Create simple sales posts that articulates the value of your offer
– So you can make consistent invitations to work with you – And get even more people saying ‘yes’!

With all of that taken care of you’ll…

– Have ALL the copy essentials you need to talk about your work with an easy confidence that is deeply attractive
– Easily write relevant, compelling copy that resonates with your soul client and grows your audience
– Have an unmistakable message that ensures you stand out in the crowded market place
– Feel your confidence soar to show up as who you really are
– Show up more consistently because you feel so clear and connected to your message, which motivates you to share it!
– Be more visible and say yes to those invitations to speak, do interviews, go on podcasts, or do guest trainings
– Build your message momentum and leverage it to serve more people, work with more paid clients, and grow your income – all while doing your soul’s work in the world 🙂

A Message That Matters was an amazing programme – not just any old ‘message and marketing’ programme but one where you felt truly held and supported to dig deeper into why you do what you do, what your essence is, and work through what stops you putting the true authentic you out there.

Oh, and it delivers some bloody amazing copy and content creating support too! One of the most supportive, fun, uplifting and informative programmes I’ve done.

~ Ann Pyne, Midlife Mentor for Mums

Lynn, you are the best coach I’ve ever had in my 12 years in business! You provided the space and encouragement, love and grounding to enable me to touch into the place that KNOWS what I want. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me within this sacred container.


A Message That Matters isn’t just about our work, it’s about who we are, what we are offering and how we want to show up in the world.

~ Paul Adams, The Awakener

Is this right for you?
It is a container that will allow you to focus on crafting a potent message and getting it out to the world faster and easier. But it’s not for everyone.

This is for you if you:

– Have already done some work on your message but it still feels messy and you’re ready to get crystal clear
– Are working with clients and get great results, but you’re still figuring out how to talk about your work in a way that attracts more paying clients
– Broadly know who your ideal client is, but the intimate details are still a bit elusive
– Can allocate 2-3 hours a week on doing the modules and crafting your copy
– Are willing to get present to your fears and resistance when it comes up
– Are dedicated to doing business in alignment with your heart + intuition

This is not for you if you:

– Haven’t made any sales in your business as yet
– Don’t have a niche or don’t want to choose one
– Aren’t clear on what it is you do ie how you help people
– Want a silver bullet to write compelling copy (sorry, doesn’t exist!)
– Don’t value authenticity in your writing
– Are brand-new to inner work and not keen on talking about emotions and energy

Does this sound like the messaging course for you?

Then join the waitlist below to find out when doors open in 2024.

Lynn is magic in helping me get to the core of my message. Plus she is teaching me how to bring it in a way that is not only inspirational, but also meets my ideal clients where they are so they are activated to take the next step with me! Highly recommend working with her.

~ Lisa Peek, Wealth & Feminine Leadership Mentor

I’m Lynn Hord,
and I love to be your intuitive copy coach!

I created A Message That Matters after hitting a real dark place in my business. I’d been working with a mentor who focused on results, but didn’t value soul.

And that didn’t work for me. Without that personal connection to my words I was left feeling joyless, lacking motivation and wondering ‘what’s the point’?!

Writing in my business is about expressing my heart – so my message has to have meaning to ME as well as my audience! So I vowed never again, and recommitted to feeling and sharing inspiration, connection and passion, first and foremost!

It was definitely a phoenix moment

as my business and message has undergone a rebirth since then and the result is that I have never felt clearer, more on purpose, and more productive or at ease in my business – ever!

I truly believe that as soul-inspired business women, this is the way to success not just for us, but our clients. How we feel about our work and our words is everything, which is why it’s integral to the way I work.

So when you work with me you get my intuitive radar that scans for the underlying energies AND my genius writing skills, which hail from…

– 20+ years as a journalist and editor for newspapers and newswires like The Australian, Australian Associated Press, The Daily Telegraph (UK), The Independent (UK)

– 10 years as a copywriter and copy coach in my own business helping scores of women around the world hone their business message

– A lifetime as a high-intuitive which allows me to perceive and receive ideas, words, knowings and blocks that will help you on your messaging journey (it’s why a past client calls me ‘the Midwife Behind her Magic’!)

Helping you express your true self through your words and your work is what I do.

And I would LOVE to get into the nitty gritty with your message so you can be clear, share powerfully, and rightfully receive the attention, appreciation and financial rewards you deserve.

Why A Message That Matters?

It’s rare to join a messaging programme that provides:

– High-touch guidance and feedback from a copy expert casting her eyes over YOUR words every week on Live calls and in the Facebook group.

– Not just accountability but awareness of your individual progress and what you need to keep moving forward

– A compassionate, safe space to witness and move through any inner blocks to amplifying your message

– A guide who can intuitively and lovingly laser-in on areas of resistance

– Comprehensive copywriting frameworks + templates

– Detailed and repeatable processes to access your inner voice, draw out your language gems, and put them into powerful copy that speaks to your soul client.

– A heart-based approach to writing copy for your business so that not only does your audience feel uplifted by your words, but you do too

– An intimate group size that means you aren’t just a number and you get a lot of access to me throughout the entire programme

How A Message That Matters is delivered…

Weekly Calls with Hot-Seat Mentoring: so you can get the copy feedback and accountability you need to create your powerful message, and clear the resistance that stops you from moving forward and taking aligned action! (Calls will be on Wednesdays – time is TBC).

Step-by-Step Modules: that will provide processes to draw out the information you need to clarify, create and refine your message, expert content, offer and sales copy that captures its real value.

Private Facebook Group: get the continued support, amplification, encouragement and feedback you need in-between calls so you can stay in motion!

The Copy Vault: access my stash of copywriting templates and frameworks so you can get unstuck and sharing your message clearly and confidently pronto (FB Live templates; email templates; sales page templates; nurture sequence outlines etc)

Your no-risk investment

14-Day Guarantee
If, during the first 14 days you decide this programme is not for you, you can get a refund. Just email hello@lynnhord.com within the first 14 days.

Ongoing access
You get lifetime access to all of the modules + content for as long as I have a business! So you can keep crafting + honing everything you’ve learnt long after our time together is done.

Does this sound like what you need?

Message That Matters will run again in 2024.

Join the waitlist through the button below and you’ll be the first to know when doors open again.

I had been stuck for months trying to identify my message, but this programme helped me get absolute clarity on what it is. 

What I found most valuable about this programme was the feedback and support to achieve clarity not just on my message, but also my ideal client, what topics to write about and how to write more succinctly with my audience in mind. 

I now feel so much more focused and confident about stating what I do and to whom. 

This course was empowering, supportive, fun and allowed for creativity and working to my strengths. I would highly recommend it!

- Claire Takacs, Life Coach for Women Over 50