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Move your offers from ‘maybe’ to ‘must have’ so more people say yes to working with you

There’s one non-negotiable skill you need to grow or scale your business…

Communicating the VALUE of your work.

It’s not enough for you to know the power of your work, your ideal client needs to 100% get it too.

And if you’re making consistent offers but not getting the level of sales that you want, then there’s a disconnect between what you’re saying and what your ideal client needs to hear.

Because if they’re not buying, they’re not seeing the value. 

Let’s fix that. 

The longer this goes on, the more that lack of desired results feeds your doubt and erodes your belief in your own work, and I’m NOT having that.

Your work is deeply needed by the people you are here to serve.

So let’s make sure they ‘get’ the power of what you do.

Join me for Message Makeover and I’ll break down the core copy elements you need to attract ideal clients to your offers and clearly demonstrate the impact of your work so you can get more people saying ‘hell yes’!

In this 90min free training you will discover:

  • The 4 core copy elements you need to clearly show value to your ideal client
  • How to talk about your ideal client’s problem in a way that grabs their attention – and keeps it
  • Copywriting techniques that will demonstrate WHY your work is a brilliant investment for the right person
  • A simple copy framework that shows the depth of your work and positions you as the perfect solution provider
  • 3 common copy mistakes that turn off potential buyers and how to avoid them 

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What people love about this training…

Thanks for a brilliant webinar – it was beautifully structured and full of golden nuggets. My biggest takeaway was the simple structure for mapping your process. And, I loved the 4 Ps of expressing value – you really clarified all the segments!

~ Iris Whitlock, Art of Life Coaching

This webinar was brilliant! You are a genius at ‘framing’ things for sure. Thanks Lynn.

~ Nat Murray, Boundaries Queen

Meet your host

Hey, I’m Lynn Hord, Copy Queen + Intuitive Business Mentor and I support pioneering, soul-led business women to create messaging that is as powerful as their work.

For the past decade I’ve been teaching business women around the world how to write about and market their soul offerings in a way that is clear, resonant and magnetic to their dream clients.

If you’re ready to get your work into the hands of more people, join me for this free training so I can show you how to clearly express what you do in a way that makes the value unmistakeable.

By registering you will receive access to the recording.

Plus, you’ll also receive my newsletter and occasional promotions.You can unsubscribe at any time.

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