The Joy Jam Sessions

Welcome to the Joy Jam Sessions!

Networking with a difference, this in-person meet-up is all about connection, collaboration and community for conscious women in business who want to meet like-minded souls who they can share the journey with!

Over the past 5 years I have been blessed to meet some wonderful, smart, savvy, soul-driven business buddies to share the ups and downs, the challenges and the celebrations on the entrepreneurial journey and most of them I met at ‘networking’ events.

Back in 2017, when I started doing more public speaking, I noticed the women attracted to my talks were high-vibe, on-purpose women, who often new each other. And that’s when the inspiration hit – I felt the urge to create and hold a space where all the amazing ladies I knew could gather and support each other in creating their visions in the world. I didn’t feel like something like that existed in London, so the Joy Jam Sessions were born 🙂

If you’d like to come down and join in the fun, we’ve got one Joy Jam Session left for 2019 on Friday November 29th. Click the pink button below to get in the know. And then we’ll be back in 2020 on the last Friday in January. Hopefully see you there and if you’ve got any questions email me at


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Love for the Joy Jam Sessions…


“What a joyful afternoon spent with some amazing women! Thank you Lynn Hord for hosting this next level London networking lunch and gathering such high-calibre of women. This is the way I like to do business! Honest, open heartfelt connections.” – Lara Waldman

“The Joy Jam Sessions are my FAVOURITE networking event. It is a place to simply bring yourself, learn something new, and create meaningful connections (without having business cards shoved in your face!) I’ve never once felt sold to, yet I’ve met plenty of people I’d love to work with, collaborate with, or just hang out with. Lynn facilitates the experience with grace, ease and a warm welcoming smile. Can’t wait for the next one.”  – Sara Louise Fox

“Loved attending the last Joy Jam Session. As a soulpreneur, it’s SO important to connect with other women who are carving their unique paths in the world. Inspiring and deeply supportive.” – Nicola Humber


“Oh what’s not to love! There is just this wonderful energy of sharing and togetherness. It’s relaxed, fun and provides a space that allows your soul to just be… and the learning and clarity goes in on a deep level which for me is such a gift.” – Karen Haller, Applied Colour & Design Psychology Specialist and author of The Little Book of Colour


“This is a really rare space – it is so nourishing.” SE

“I really loved the calibre of women you gathered at the last Joy Jam – thanks Lynn.” – Kate Wolf

“I loved the last Joy Jam session – it felt more like a chance to catch up with peers and business buddies than a typical “networking” meeting – but I also liked the “organised networking” section which meant I also got to meet some new people.” – Catherine Watkin


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