The Joy Jam Business Mastermind


Where playing small comes to die and be reborn as rock-solid self-belief, a can-do attitude, and an inner game that will put a rocket under your business.

Are you a conscious woman in business who’s been doing what you love for a couple years now, but you feel like you’ve hit a growth and income plateau?
Is your marketing hit-and-miss and you haven’t been able to nail down the ‘right’ strategy, one that feels good AND really works to get you more leads and clients?
Do you feel like you’ve got all these disconnected pieces in your business and want to know how they fit together so that your offers are clear and it’s way easier to share – and sell – what you do and how you help? 
And… are you ready, I mean REALLY ready, to step into the woman you need to become in order to create the results that you want? 
If you said a hell yes! Then yippedidoodah! Because the world bloody needs you – and it needs you radiant and thriving

But here’s the thing…

Creating a successful, sustainable, aligned business is an inside-out job.

It requires aligned outer action AND inner work to clear your path. 

It requires courage AND commitment to following through. 

It requires embodying the next, expanded version of you and letting go of the ways you’ve been holding yourself back.

Because the truth is, if you were who you needed to be to reach your next business goal, you would already be there. #truthbomb 

If you are done with… 

  • Trying a different marketing tactic every few weeks – Facebook groups, Instagram feeds, YouTube videos – because there’s no real strategy or purpose behind what you’re doing
  • Being inconsistent with your marketing and then feeling discouraged because you’re not getting the engagement you want or the leads you need
  • Constantly tweaking your message because people never seem clear on what you do, or exactly how your work can HELP them
  • Procrastinating on key tasks that would lead to more sales or significantly move your business forward
  • Playing it small and not going for the big opportunities that would support you reaching a bigger audience and scaling your business
  • Feeling confused about how your offers fit together
  • The frustration of not being able to crack that next income level even though you have a lot of client hours under your belt and raving testimonials

Then you are in the right place! And you are so not alone. 

I see these habits often in women I work with and I would describe you, right now, as a Queen who is circling her own throne. 

You’ve got the crown sitting on your head (jaunty angle optional), you’re wearing the opulent, shimmering, regal gown to perfection, but you’re shying away from sitting on your throne and claiming your full power.

From owning your BRILLIANCE and your VALUE.


In my experience, it’s because you’re waiting. 

Waiting for someone else to give you permission to take that throne. 

Waiting for someone to say it’s OK for you to show up as the powerful, magical, radiant creature that you are. To claim your worth.

As the conscious woman that you are you know what I’m going to say next…. 

The only permission you need is your own. 

And the only thing standing in your way is you. 

And when you get out of our own way so you can show up as the whole-hearted, fully-embodied version of you?

Well, lordy, lordy me – watch out world 😉

You are already making waves there is no doubt. 

But when you finally choose to sit fully and permanently on your throne, in your seat of power

When you choose to claim your mission, embody your message and powerfully and consistently share your truth for the betterment of all you are here to serve, then halle-fookin’-lujah!!! (Excuse my French ;p)

Then you become even more of a woman to be reckoned with. 

A woman making major waves. 

A woman leading a movement. 

A woman transforming her corner of the world and those in it. 

A woman making empowered choices. 

A woman behaving like a Queen. (And OMG how good does that feel!!!!)

That, dear heart, is what the next chapter can be about for you, if you choose to accept it 😉 

And if you do, and you’d like a supportive, creative, high-vibe container to support you in that powerful evolution that’s right in front of you then I’ve got a special invitation for you… 

I’d love to invite you to work with me inside the Joy Jam Business Mastermind

A 10-month group coaching programme that is specifically designed to shift you into the next evolution of you, your message and your business so you can show up more consistently, and your message lands more powerfully to ensure you get more of your dream clients and qualified leads reaching out to talk or buy your programs and packages.

As part of this powerful mastermind you will receive: 

CLARITY: On where you’re headed, what strategies you’re following to get there, and what aligned actions you need to take so that you can allow your business – and your bank balance – to really flourish. We replace your confusion and overwhelm with an inspired, and practical, plan 🙂

FOCUS: no more shiny object syndrome, procrastination or not following through, you’ll stay on track and accountable to what you’re working on each month and each week and get up that momentum you need to start getting a consistent flow of clients into your business!

MESSAGE MASTERY: we will drill down into your ideal client, what they need and how you help them so that you can confidently and consistently communicate what you do in a way that is compelling to your ideal client. No more hit and miss posts, blogs and videos – let’s get you engagement and attraction all the way! 

MARKETING FLOW: no more peek-a-boo marketing, we pinpoint ways of sharing your work that are fun and in flow for you, and that get you hot leads that turn into clients you adore!

MINDSET: working through your resistance, your doubts and your fears is 80% of the work on the road to success and one of the unique things about this mastermind is your get supported with your outer strategy and your inner growth, helping you step into who you need to BE, the energy, thoughts, beliefs and emotions you need to embody to create the result that you want. 

COMMUNITY: you do NOT have to do this on your own. In fact, women do better in community, with connection, with collaborative partners and fellow champions cheering you on to greater and greater success. 

RESULTS: Together we get shit done so that you can get what’s inside you out into the world in the fastest, easiest, most fun way possible. So that you can serve more of the people you are here to help – and create the lifestyle and business that you dream of.


Lynn is rare in this cookie-cutter world because she really takes the time to listen, to get to know you as a person and to understand your business.

As a coach she holds space beautifully for whatever comes up. When I have a wobble she lets me express my stuff without buying into it, she doesn’t judge, and when the time is right she gently moves you forward. 

She has helped me find the words to express what I do, to write better, to plan new websites and product launches, and she always provides a steady flow of ideas for how to keep marketing and growing my business.

I keep coming back to work with Lynn because she delivers. She gives such good, sound advice and I know when I work with her I get results.
Plus, she is very patient and a joy to work with too!

~ Karen Haller, Applied Colour Psychologist and author of The Little Book of Colour


What’s included in the Joy Jam Business Mastermind: 

    • Vision + Planning Process: to clarify your vision, get aligned with it, and make a solid plan for it (it is recorded so you can start with this as soon as you join)
    • 1 x 45min 1-2-1 Strategy Session with Me to set your course + clarify your goals + strategy
    • 3 x Group Coaching Calls a month to keep you on track, trouble-shoot, get ideas, work on copy, get you unstuck and ensure you’re making consistent progress in your business!
    • 1 x Monthly Implementation Session (2hrs), to ensure you’re taking action on your focus for the month and getting sh*t done!
    • A 90-day plan with built-in accountability – to keep you focused on your monthly goals
    • Access to The Copy Vault – my stash of copywriting templates so that you can get unstuck and sharing your message clearly and confidently pronto (FB Live templates; email templates; sales page templates; auto responder outlines etc)
    • Bi-monthly Guest Expert Sessions to dive into other business essentials like productivity, visibility, sales, business processes 

Plus, some amazing BONUSES: 

Access to Joy School – my signature 8-week programme that takes you through all the elements of creating joy in your life, and it includes tons of inner work processes to ensure you’ve got what you need to clear the path to greater and greater success + joy. (Valued at £597)

Complimentary tickets to the Joy Jam Sessions online networking events: these are a fantastic gathering of conscious women in business who could be potential clients, collaborators or long-term business buddies! (Valued at £120)

Brand-New Joy-fuelled Business Trainings – coming in January! 


For the last year, Lynn’s been the ground beneath my (often shaky) business feet.

I bring her vague, half-formed ideas, rough copy, indecisions, potential distractions.

She spots the diamonds and polishes them – in my offers, my messaging, my processes, my opportunities. Keeping me clear, sparkling and on track. Priceless.

She really is an alignment genie.

~ Rionach Aiken, Visibility Mentor for Visionary Leaders


What’s it gonna cost Lynn?

To receive the inner support, outer strategy, accountability, consistent implementation, messaging support and space to truly step into the next level of you and your business, the investment is: 

MASTERMIND ONLY: £497 per month for 10 months or if you pay in full upfront, it’s £4,450 (a 10% discount).

MASTERMIND + 1-2-1 SUPPORT: £665 per month for 10 months or £5,950 pay in full.

  • This 1-2-1 option is for you if you want to supercharge your progress and get my eyeballs all over your business, your strategy and your copy, on a 1-2-1 basis. 
  • It includes 2 X 30min private coaching sessions with me each month

Are you ready to step into the next-level you? Are you ready to own your throne and allow your business to truly thrive? Then let’s chat to discover whether this mastermind is the thing that’s gonna put a rocket under your business. 

Book in here for a no-obligation, no-pressure chat.  


Lynn is such a rare combination of offering the practical strategy and action and keeping people connected with that and moving forward, but also she’s got really strong intuition, can spot resistance and mindset gremlins a mile off, and is always encouraging us to do the inner work as well as all the external action. And, she’s a genius with messaging! 

If you are looking for clarity around what you’re doing, if you want to grow your business, if you want somewhere safe to show up in whatever is going on for you and be held and nourished through that, join the mastermind, you won’t regret it.

~ Louise Miller, Slow Productivity Expert


Who is this mastermind for?

Conscious women in business who:

    • Have a solid, established business, 4+ years under their belt, but feel like they’ve hit a plateau – financial or growth – and know they need help to get to the next level
    • Have a lot of clarity on their message, but want to refine it even further and share it more powerfully
    • Are visionaries, leaders, pioneers who know they’re made for more but can’t quite figure out how to get there
    • Are committed to doing business in alignment with their heart, intuition and purpose
    • Want to be part of a high-vibe group of women and tap into the power and progress that comes from committing to showing up for the group, and yourself, and helping each other to rise more than you could alone.  
    • Want to create a solid plan for progressing or creating something in their business and know they will be bolder and more consistent with support and simple accountability structures
    • Want to have more fun, more laughs and more joy in the day to day running of their business.  
    • Want a word nerd + ideas fountain + alignment genie (aka me!) in their corner; someone to inspire them with content and marketing ideas; share strategies that work for YOU; problem solve tactics; and keep holding you to your highest vision of what’s possible for you in your business

We’re talking next-level clarity, rock-solid confidence and courageous choices!  

Courageous choices that bring more and more of you and your brilliance to the fore, more of the time. 

If you’re ready to step into the next, more powerful version of you and your message and would love to be part of this amazing group of women, then we should talk. 

Book in here so we can work out together whether this mastermind is exactly what you need to step even more powerfully into your mission and your message. 


“#sheisamazing. I’ve been doing some mentoring with Lynn and the hashtag says it all!

Amazing, clear, on point support with mindset and next steps.

Also, she’s absolutely incredible with words and copy! Thank you Lynn!”

~ Oona Alexander, Parenting Specialist