Joy Isn’t a Luxury, It’s a Necessity

We’ve really got to talk about the idea that joy is a luxury.

Because it really isn’t.

Joy isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.

It’s a necessity if you want to live your ultimate life.

If you want to become the most expansive version of yourself.

If you want your dreams to become reality.

If you want to feel like you’re in charge of your life, not just floating through it.

And that’s the big airy, fairy, longer-term stuff.

It’s also a necessity if you want to create happier, more connected relationships.

If you want to be more productive.

If you want to enjoy your life on the daily, not just when things are ‘working out’.

If you want to be grateful for what you have, right now, and stop obsessing over what you don’t have (no judgement, I’ve been there plenty).


Let’s have a think about this for a second…

OK, so you want more joy in your life. Let’s pick an area, say your work.

Right now you might have difficult clients or colleagues and the thought of interacting with them makes your heart sink.

Maybe you’ve got a project your working on, deadlines are looming and you’re filled with anxiety and overwhelm.

Or perhaps it’s bigger than that, and you’re not sure you’re in the right job, or that this running a business thing maybe isn’t for you.



Do you think you can change any of these situations for the better without first focusing on what brings you joy?

I mean, you can, but… what kind of result do you think you’ll get it you don’t bring joy into the equation?

You’ll get change, but likely you’ll get a different version of the same. You’ll take a sideways step.

Because you cannot create joy in any area of your life without first naming what the hell that looks like!

Joy – your vision of it – has to come FIRST!

This is why it’s a necessity not a luxury.


We cannot create a life of joy without connecting to the energy of joy and letting it lead you, show you the way, to your most outrageously joyful life.


It’s just like creating any kind of goal – yes, joy is a goal!

First you have to dream – what does this ultimate joyful life look like?

Then you need to claim your desires – boldly declare you want and deserve your dream.

And then you need to take inspired action to make those dreams a reality.


I’m really fired up about this – helping you connect with the truth that joy is a necessity, not a luxury. It is more important now than ever before to really get this.

And to help you really land this concept into your life, I’ve created a brand-new FREE workshop called Spark Your Joy, which starts on Monday June 29th.

I’m super excited because I’m sharing so much stuff I’ve not talked about before and really giving you a roadmap, which takes you through the 4 foundational pillars of creating everyday joy so that you can stop taking sideways steps and start really moving toward a life that lights you up.

In this free workshop we’ll be diving into:


  • The 4 habits of highly joyful people that will transform your mindset, shift your energy and get you feeling those good vibes
  • What it takes to create a rock-solid relationship with yourself: and why you can’t lead a truly joyful life without one
  • How to use joy to navigate life’s toughest challenges with more resilience, compassion and grace
  • The 3 spiritual principles that will deepen your joy and create more flow, peace and ease in your life


I’ve created this workshop for people who really want to make their connection to joy so much deeper and stronger.

It could be you’re living an ‘ok’ life but want so much more – more richness, more connection, more excitement, more feeling alive!

Or it could be that you have some of that already, but you want to take your connection to joy even deeper and stronger. You want to lean in to letting it lead the way even more.


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Lynn x