Interview with Tapping Expert, Linda Anderson


I’m really excited to be sharing with you the first in my new Expert Interview Series.

Today we’re talking with the wonderful Linda Anderson, who is an EFT (tapping) expert and mindset magician 🙂 Linda and I met last year in a business mentoring programme that we did together and found that we have a lot in common in terms of our view of life and our belief that joy is inside of us and our natural state of being.

So she was my obvious first port of call to kick off this new series where I interview experts in their fields and ask them to share tips and tools with you that can help you to access your joy more easily so you can experience more joy more of the time!

In this 13min video, which you can click on below, Linda and I talk about:

  • How Linda used tapping to get her life back in balance and back on track
  • How tapping can help YOU to access your joy more readily
  • A quick and simple tapping technique that you can use yourself – it’s great for in public too, no one will even know (I use this one regularly!)

What I love most about tapping is that it is a tool that you can reach for in the moment. So when you are feeling stress, tension anxiety or anger even, you can use tapping to release those feelings and return to a calm state.

Linda’s website Tap Into Your Success is a wonderful resource if you want to learn more about tapping and how she works.

PLUS, if you head over to the video, Linda will be sharing a special something she has created for you to use to bring more joy into your life right now. BONUS! Thanks Linda 🙂

Just click on the video image below to get some of that tapping action.

Have a wonderful day.

Lynn  x