Interview with The Abundance Activator, Lara Waldman


LLLaraHow many times have you said or heard someone say, “I’d love to but I can’t afford it”?

Or “I’d really like to go to the theatre/on holiday/ watch that game/ out for dinner but the budget’s too tight”?

I’ve heard my clients say it and I’ve sure said it myself too.

Trouble is, when we look at the world through a filter of, “there’s not enough”, the Universe can’t reflect anything else back to us because that filter won’t let it. Exasperating, right!

So, you guessed it, we need to change the filter.

I know adopting an attitude of “there is always more than enough for me and everyone else” isn’t always easy, especially when you’ve got £10 in the bank and you’re wondering where the next rent payment is coming from – I hear you! Been there.

But it is totally DOABLE, you CAN do it.

Enter stage left, Lara Waldman, The Abundance Activator.

I’m no money expert, which is why I’ve brought in Lara for my next Expert Interview so that she can share with us some insights and some tips on where to start when it comes to turning our lack mindset around into an abundant one.

And what we talk about in this interview is the same for whether you want more money, more joy or more love – you open the receiving channels to all 3 the same way.

In our just shy of 15-minute interview we talk about:

  • What’s REALLY causing your money worries (it’s not your job, your debts or a lack of clients)
  • Some common blocks to receiving more of the moola
  • How a fishing term “catch and release” can help with your money mindset
  • And some great, practical tips for using every money transaction as an opportunity to change your money story

This interview is audio only so you can download it and listen at your leisure.

If you want to learn more about Lara and her work, take a look at her website over here.

And if you’d like to partake of Lara’s Money Manifestation Meditation, which she mentions in the interview, you can watch it right here.

Enjoy! And if you’ve got any questions for Lara, put them in the comments below and she’ll answer them for you.

Big hugs,

Lynn x


PS. Lara runs free webinars around the 5 Steps to Abundance Activation, so the next time she runs one I’ll give you a shout so you can take advantage of her knowledge and wisdom to manifest yourself some of the fun stuff!