Interview: Linda Anderson


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In this interview, Linda and I talk about:

  • The core lessons she learnt from experiencing 3 enforced breaks from business in just 18 months
  • How she tackled the fear that her business would go kaput! (It didn’t 🙂 )
  • The ingrained programming that many of us have about ‘how’ we are supposed to do business – be available all the time, show up all the time etc
  • Coming face-to-face with her worst nightmare – going back to full-time work
  • What the Universe was trying to tell her when she was helpless in bed with shingles for 8 weeks
  • The big surprise she had at the end of her convalescence – a full book of clients!
  • Her shift from an energy of pushing, to a state of receiving, and why it took serious health challenges to help her finally get there
  • The difficulty we can often have feeling like it’s OK to ask for help – and ok to receive it
  • How her time out forced her to surrender
  • It’s OK to step away from your business and make your health or your family a priority. No guilt required.
  • How we can make business hard, even when it doesn’t have to be
  • How two broken bones taught her to slow down, be more present, and be in her body not her head
  • Being the boss in your business: and shaping your days in a way that allows you to work at your best + be in flow
  • Giving yourself permission to do business your way – and not follow the current ‘popular’ thing to do
  • The growing desire people have for authenticity and connection
  • Two different ways to look at procrastination: pushing the edges and what am I rebelling against?


Linda Anderson
a Mindset Mentor and Tapping Coach who works with coaches, healers and consultants to overcome the self-doubts and fears that keep them procrastinating, wobbling on their prices, hiding behind the computer and playing small.

She works 1-2-1 at a really deep level, to help people clear out what’s been getting in the way and replace it with more empowering beliefs and behaviours that enable them to finally feel confident talking about what they do, and making offers without fear of being found out as a fraud.

Based in Cambridge, UK, she works with heart-centred business owners around the world via telephone and Skype.


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