Interview: Kate Gerry


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In this interview, Kate and I talk about:

  • Kate’s biggest money month ever in business and the specific, conscious steps she took to make that happen
  • How we often don’t spot the opportunities that are right in front of us (I share a story on this one as it’s happened to me recently!)
  • The power of intention setting and the cycle that can show up when we really go for something (you know, doubt, worry, fear) and how that played out in Kate’s experiment to make $50K in a month – let’s just say it didn’t start well!
  • What fun has to do with manifesting opportunities to make money (you creative types will love this)
  • How tracking income can help you see the possibilities around you (and what a golden tree has to do with it)
  • What Kate did to inadvertently create momentum (or some might call it magic)
  • Taking inspired action toward your goals and the practicalities of that
  • How hard we can make things for ourselves and the belief many people harbour that ‘it can’t be that simple’
  • The Psychology of the Sale and fact that it’s what we bring to the table that makes it feel icky.
  • How Google came to the rescue on her very first sales call
  • When you see sales as service it becomes an open, curious dialogue between two people.
  • The flow that comes from following what’s true for us – it doesn’t mean smooth sailing but things definitely open up
  • The myth that we have to work long and hard to get results  – and Kate’s journey from working 16 hour days to having whole chunks of free time in her week.
  • Our addiction to struggle, being busy and hard work


Kate Gerry helps business owners tap in to their best, most creative work, by structuring their business and life in a way that creates so much abundant space their ideas can’t help but sprout and grow. She works with her clients to make more money while working less and staying true to their real dreams.

Kate believes it is easy to follow the crowd, but more impactful to find your own unique ‘branch on the tree’.

She also knows that all powerful business owners need space to think. And in that space they find ideas that just may change the world.

Kate and I met when she came to be a speaker at my old meet-up The London Joy Club in 2015, and then I progressed to supporting her run her fab retreats at Champneys. Seeing the way she worked, I knew I would hire her as a coach at some point, and we’ve just finished working together for the past year.

About two years ago she moved to upstate New York, where she now lives with her husband Chris Kenney (who was my coach too – they were an incredible duo!). They met on a business retreat in Italy in 2015.


Things we referenced:

Kate’s website: (it will change in the future to Kate Kenney); email her at

Kate’s social media hang outs: Facebook

The Joy Jam Collective Membership Community (launching June 25):

Book: Profit First, Mike Michalowicz

Book: The Wealth Chef, by Anne Wilson

Anne Wilson’s free financial training resources: 

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