Interview: Claire Brummell


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Claire Brummell has spent years helping clients all over the world to create the outcomes they both want AND need in Business, Life and Love. 

She is an internationally acclaimed coach, mentor, trainer and public speaker who combines her skills in a diverse range of disciplines with unique and powerful processes that she has personally created and developed to help her clients to design and create the outcomes they are looking for.

From executive level coaching, to group training programs, to one-to-one mentoring online, her work with clients is a combination of art and science, created through a combination of intuition, knowledge, a varied skill set and years of experience.

Her proprietary method is called The Universal Needs and it’s amazing, and fascinating so we talk about it lots in the interview!


In this interview, Claire and I talk about:


  • How she became a digital nomad and why (fab opening topic about designing a business that suits YOU – a topic I love to talk about!)
  • The evolution of her methodology, the Universal Needs, and what makes it so powerful
  • The one core need she sees conscious entrepreneurs struggle with A LOT that stops them from being able to create the impact they really want to
  • Her brush with Hurricane Irma in Florida last year and what helped her stay sane throughout the evacuation process
  • How a foot-crushing moment on the dance floor (literally!) led to her greatest realisation about intuition
  • The one piece of advice she wish she knew way back at the start of her business journey (hint, flows on from the realisation above!)

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