Interview: Nicola Humber


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Nicola Humber is a leader of and mentor to unbound women.

She activates recovering good girls to embrace their so-called imperfections and shake off the tyranny of ‘shoulds’, so they can be their fullest, most magnificent unbound selves.

Nicola is the author of Heal Your Inner Good Girl, and her new book, Unbound Woman comes out June 14th.

Nicola is the first woman to be interviewed on this series I was inspired to do. I love a good chat with my business buddies and I’ve met so many incredible, conscious women in business over the last 5 years and wanted to share their wisdom and have meaningful conversations about their journey and what they’ve learnt along the way. Thank you Nicola for being my first guest!

In this interview, Nicola and I talk about:

  • What it means to be a conscious entrepreneur
  • The process of continual self-discovery that underpins the desire to be a conscious entrepreneur
  • How our ingrained need to be a ‘good girl’ limits us from being full self-expressed (and bringing more magic into our business)
  • The concept of greed, and how it’s actually not a bad thing and how we can embrace it more
  • Shadow integration and why making it a practice frees up energy and releases us to be more authentic
  • The general desire to find a ‘magic bullet’ and why that can get in the way of us getting the support we need to move forward
  • Why creating a true + deep connection with her body has been a game changer for Nicola

Things we referenced:

Nicola’s website:

The Unbound Woman (Nicola’s new book)

Heal Your Inner Good Girl (Nicola’s first book):

The Joy Jam Collective Membership Community (launching June 25):