The Elevate Mastermind:

a supportive, high-touch membership for highly-sensitive, soul-led coaches and transformation practitioners ready to make more money and a bigger impact.

Your message is the beating heart of your business.

Everything you go on to create, from your content and offers to positioning and sales, is born from it.

If you want to have a successful, thriving business, you’ve got to have a strong, effective message.

And the Elevate Mastermind is your ticket to crafting and sharing a powerful message that attracts and converts your soul clients on autopilot.

This programme is for you if you desire to:

  • Feel deeply connected to the power of your own message and share it with the utmost clarity and confidence.
  • Write content and copy from the heart that consistently resonates with your audience and inspires them to take action.
  • Step out of the wings and into your expert spotlight so you can be fully seen and recognised for the years you’ve spent mastering your craft.
  • Increase your income through offers that leverage your genius AND turn new clients into life-long customers.
  • Market your business in a way that feels natural to you and gets results.
  • Take your intuitively-led business to the next level with ongoing support, structure and accountability that will help you optimise your feminine flow.

As a highly-sensitive, soul-led entrepreneur you have a HUGE heart, MASSIVE dreams, and can FEEL the heights you and your business are here to reach.

So it’s deeply frustrating when you…

  • Know just how transformative your offers are, but can’t seem to communicate that in a way that has people lining up to work with you.
  • Are out there sharing your message but it’s not getting the response or results you want, and you can’t figure out why (‘cause you’ve been trying!)
  • Have been diligently serving clients and getting them great results, yet your business hasn’t reached the level of success and visibility you thought it would have by now.
  • Are willing to do the work, but don’t always know where to focus your energy or what to prioritise in order to move your business forward.
  • Get great momentum in your business, only to lose it again because you’re overwhelmed by extra work or distracted by the next inspiration.

This is what the Elevate Mastermind is designed to help you with!

Master your message



Using my signature Elevate Framework,

you will steadily strengthen your messaging, marketing, mindset and offers to create the lasting results that you want in your business.

But unlike other programmes that can overwhelm you (I’ve been there too!), this mastermind recognises that sensitive, soul-led entrepreneurs need a different approach to the mainstream in order to run a fulfilling, intuitively-led, successful business that doesn’t fry their nervous system.

That’s why it is laid out like a ‘choose your own adventure’ style book where you choose your own path and walk it at your own pace, in your own time, with YOUR intuition leading the way.

When you join, you’ll receive a map and clear guidance from me on what to work on in your business, then you’ll use the plentiful templates, trainings and frameworks provided to get the job done.

And when you get stuck or sidetracked or need feedback or a sounding board, there are 3 live opportunities a month to get my support.

In my 10 years of experience supporting people just like you to create a powerful message and a thriving business, I know you need 3 core things:

Which is why this mastermind provides a powerful combination of all 3 by delivering:

  • Copy frameworks to make it easy for you to craft emails, landing pages, sales copy and more
  • Trainings + workbooks to help you refine your message, marketing + offers, create awesome content and become a better writer
  • Regular coaching calls where you can:

    – Bring your ideas + strategies and pinpoint the most aligned for right now (so you can get out of your head and into action)
    – Bring your copy and get feedback
    – Bring your resistance and get a clear way through

  • Gentle accountability to keep you focused, on track and making progress
  • A balance of masculine structure that supports and optimises your feminine flow
  • A container that supports you to trust your intuition and use it to build a bespoke business that works for YOU.
  • An awesome group of like-hearted, supportive women walking the same pioneering path and cheering you on!
  • Access to an intuitive word wizard who can help you spot your copy gems amongst your divine downloads.

Working with Lynn is like having a word wizard in my corner. She helps me hone in on what’s important to my audience so I express that clearly in my copy. And with her strategic brain she makes sure my copy supports the outcomes I want to achieve in my business. I’ve worked with Lynn over 8 years now and I keep coming back because she is fantastic with words and helps me to deliver high-quality results every time.

~ Karen Haller, Applied Colour + Design Psychology Specialist and author of The Little Book of Colour.

What’s inside:

The Elevate Mastermind is a hybrid membership / mastermind, which means it combines high-touch coaching support and ongoing learning in a rolling membership-style container.


When you join, you will receive:

A clear, detailed map of the Elevate Framework, so you can diagnose what’s working and what’s not in your business.

A 30min call with me to craft a bespoke plan so you know exactly what to work on right now inside the framework to elevate your business.

Access to all the step-by-step workbooks + templates + trainings currently available for the Elevate Framework (more will be added monthly)

Access to a Facebook community where you’ll connect with your fellow business women and be able to share wins, challenges and get support.

Then, ongoing, you will receive:

Bimonthly group coaching calls where you can get your copy, marketing or mindset questions sorted

Monthly Copy Clinic, where you can submit your copy and get live feedback

Monthly trainings that will dive into particular pieces of the Elevate Framework and add to your bank of copy + marketing resources (I’ll base these on what you need most + occasionally bring in guest experts.)

Weekly accountability through check-ins in the Facebook Hub.

NB. Bimonthly coaching calls will initially be at 7pm AEST / 10am UK, but times and days may vary as we go on. Calls will run from 60-90mins so that everyone on the call gets a chance to speak with me. Although the Copy Clinic calls will be live, you will pre-submit copy and don’t need to be live with me, so if the call time doesn’t suit, you can watch the replay.

For the last year, Lynn’s been the ground beneath my (often shaky) business feet.
I bring her vague, half-formed ideas, rough copy, indecisions, potential distractions.

She spots the diamonds and polishes them – in my offers, my messaging, my processes, my opportunities. Keeping me clear, sparkling and on track. Priceless.
She really is an alignment genie.

Rionach Aiken, Soulful Visibility Mentor

Your Success Map

Inside this programme, my signature Elevate Framework will provide the map you need to consistently progress to your next level of success.

Together we will work on your:

MAGNETIC MESSAGE: so that it’s clear who you are, what you do, how you help and what makes you unique so you can easily and consistently attract your soul clients and grow your audience!

CAPTIVATING CONTENT: so that you reap the rewards of content that nurtures and converts because it demonstrates your expertise, shares your authenticity and positions you as an authority.

ALIGNED MARKETING: we focus on implementing simple strategies that are in your flow and effective, so you can create repeatable, reliable processes to convert your audience into paying customers.

COMPELLING OFFERS: so you have a clear offer suite and can clearly articulate what’s in them, why they work, and the VALUE they deliver, so that more people get it and say yes to working with you!

And no matter which section you are working in, we’ll always be talking about the foundations of where is your energy at, what’s the next aligned action you need to take and, when you’re ready, what systems can I put in place to support me and make things easier?

Your Copy + Training Vault will be divided into these sections, so you can easily find what you need when you need it.

So no more wondering what to work on or staying stuck, the Elevate Framework will liberate you to keep taking action in alignment with your business dreams – one step at a time!


NB. As the membership starts you’ll access all your resources inside a Google Drive until I migrate it to a learning platform over the rest of this year.

Lynn is such a rare combination of offering the practical strategy and action and keeping people connected with that and moving forward, but also she’s got really strong intuition, can spot resistance and mindset gremlins a mile off, and is always encouraging us to do the inner work as well as all the external action. And, she’s a genius with messaging!

If you are looking for clarity around what you’re doing, if you want to grow your business, if you want somewhere safe to show up in whatever is going on for you and be held and nourished through that, join the mastermind, you won’t regret it.

~ Louise Miller, Slow Productivity Expert

Why work with me?

Hey, hey! If we’ve not met before I’m Lynn Hord, Copy Queen + Intuitive Business Mentor. I’ve been a word nerd since I was a kid when you’d find me with my nose in a book, playing with word puzzles or writing poetry!

Now, it is my daily delight and great honour to be the word wizard behind scores of incredible women around the world who are on a mission to change the world with their soul’s work.

It ain’t always an easy path we’re walking, but it’s what we came here to do… together. And my mission is to help you wield the power of words for the good of your business, your impact and the humans you help.

In case you’re new to me and my work, here’s a few things that make working with me a bit special…

1. I’ve been a journalist, editor, copywriter and copy coach and have 20+ years behind me working with words, which is why I am a copy expert and can teach you how to write in a way that feels easy so you can craft powerful copy too.

2. My Virgo nature means I’m practical, grounded and structured, so when I help you make decisions or plans, they’ll be strategic, clear and ensure your actions are serving your big business goals.

3. As a high-intuitive, I can feel and see what’s in the ‘in between’, which means I use my intuition to help you identify and navigate your particular resistance or to highlight language, actions or offers that reflect the next level expression of you and your business!

4. Helping people communicate with love is my passion and mission. Born out of my own pain, it’s been my life’s work to harness the power of words to create a positive impact. That’s why I’m so committed to helping you share your message with clarity, conviction and total confidence!!

Plus, I’m no newbie to business and in the past 10 years have run both a successful mastermind and a membership. That’s why I’m super excited to bring this brand-new, hybrid offer to you so you can receive the best of both worlds and get the ongoing support that you need to amplify your message and skyrocket your business!

“#sheisamazing. I’ve been doing some mentoring with Lynn and the hashtag says it all! Amazing, clear, on point support with mindset and next steps. Also, she’s absolutely incredible with words and copy! Thank you Lynn!”

~ Oona Alexander, Parenting Specialist

If you’re ready to…

  • Feel unshakeable conviction + confidence in your message
  • Step out of the shadows and into your expert spotlight
  • Say yes to truly being seen in your business and receiving the recognition and opportunities that come with that
  • Be supported to take courageous, consistent action that will deliver steady business growth
  • Be bolder and stand out by being more YOU
  • Leverage your genius by streamlining your offers or creating new ones that serve both you and your clients
  • Receive the support you need to progress faster and with more ease (but without getting overwhelmed)
  • Stop getting stalled by resistance and fear and be supported to move through it!
  • Surround yourself with like-hearted women on the same journey who will be champions for your success!

Then I know the Elevate Mastermind will serve you brilliantly! You’ll get up to all the above and more in a supportive space that focuses on balancing doing and being in your business.

A quick reminder of all your inclusions:

  • Step-by-step worksheets (ideal client; offers; message; marketing and more!)
  • Copy templates (biography; sales copy; email sequences and much more)
  • Monthly trainings (in-depth trainings on how to write better copy and do more effective marketing)
  • Live group calls twice per month with hot-seats for everyone
  • Monthly Copy Clinic (submit a piece of copy for review)
  • Ongoing access to all resource as long as you remain a member
  • Connection to an awesome community of women who are your cheerleaders and potential biz besties

Ready to Elevate your business to the next level?

Then pick from the two membership levels below and start receiving regular coaching, strategic support, copy templates, writing resources, copy reviews, business direction, and an awesome community of fellow women on a mission.


Monthly Membership

$299 AUD + GST
$207 USD // £160 GBP

 There’s a minimum joining period of 4 months, then it’s a rolling monthly payment.

After the initial 4 months you can cancel anytime.

Click on your preferred currency to join via Stripe Checkout.

Annual Membership

$2,990 AUD + GST
$2,070 USD // £1,600 GBP

This pay-in-full option gives you
2 months for free.

Got questions? I’m happy to answer them. Send them over by email to, via DM or book in for a chat.

If you’re feeling the call, I can’t wait to support you inside this awesome, supportive container so we can get your soul’s work in front of even more people – and you receiving the next-level financial rewards of your genius!


Close all FAQs
Can I change membership level?

Yes. You can upgrade whenever you like, just reach out to and we can make that change. If you want to downgrade, it will be at the end of your next billing cycle. Email to make that change too. 

When can I cancel my membership?

If you’re on a monthly membership, you can cancel after your first 4 months is up. If you’re on an annual membership, you can cancel after 12 months. 

How much 1-2-1 time will I receive?

This is a group programme, but when you join you will receive a 30min call with me for your initial Elevate Planning call. Then you can access hot spots on the coaching calls to get direct, personalised feedback from me on your copy and your business. There will also be opportunities to purchase discounted sessions with me if you want further 1-2-1 support.

Lynn is unique because she combines skills that you don’t usually find in one coach – mindset, business strategy and copywriting. And her client’s happiness and wellbeing always comes first – it’s never “let’s grow this business at all costs” – it’s always “let’s make sure we have fun while we grow this business”.

Most importantly, she’s also got a really sharp business brain and understanding of marketing principles, and is also very perceptive at spotting when someone is going off in a direction that doesn’t fully serve them and bringing them back on track.

I’m so glad I trusted my instinct to hire Lynn as a coach in my high-end mentoring programme because all the clients who had her as their coach credited her support as a key factor in their success within the programme. I initially enrolled her as an “accountability coach” but very quickly gave her free rein to advise clients on strategy and business decisions because I knew she would give them the same sort of solid, practical, grounded advice that I would.

As an added bonus her copywriting background means she can help with those niggly things that people often get stuck on for too long like catchy titles, headlines and sales pages. So it’s quite a combination!

If you are looking for a business coach who cares equally about your happiness and your business success and can give you solid, grounded advice she’s your gal.

~ Catherine Watkin, Selling from the Heart UK

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