Divine Inspiration: 

5 Shifts to Soul-Aligned Messaging

For soul-led entrepreneurs who want to move from their head to their heart so they can uncover the inner gold that will create effortlessly magnetic copy and content.

Runs Monday April 15th-Friday 19th

“Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.” ~ Pema Chödrön

Join me for this free, 5-day event where I’ll share:

  • The 5 core shifts that helped me move into a much greater soul-alignment with my life, work and messaging than I’ve ever experienced before. 
  • The biggest blocks that stop soul-led entrepreneurs hearing and sharing their truth, even when they wholeheartedly want to. 
  • An opportunity to normalise the often hidden feelings of frustration, shame and rejection that are a part of the journey toward sharing more of who we are – and what to do with them.
  • The experience on the other side of these shifts and the key signs you are on track to embodying greater alignment in your work and messaging. 

I’ll be going live in the Zoom Room each day at 5pm Sydney time / 7pm NZ / 8am UK / 9am Europe. Our daily sessions will last about 45mins. There will be replays available if you can’t make it in real-time. Not sure of the time where you are? Check your timezone.

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All calls at 5pm Sydney time. Replays will be made available.








Meet your host

Hey! I’m Lynn, Copy Queen + Intuitive Business Mentor. I’ve been a word nerd since I was a kid when you’d find me with my nose in a book or writing poetry.

And I’ve also been a spiritual seeker too. I got serious in my early 30s and did all the workshops, got spiritual mentors, meditated, got self-aware, and did plenty of healing work But despite all that life STILL wasn’t getting any easier or my business growing to the level of success I wanted. 

Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018 and I was forced to let go. It was terrifying, yet the greatest gift because when I let go I found a different way to live – one where I trusted I was held and supported by the divine at all times.  

It took a couple years to integrate that way of being in my life and business, and the more I did, the more all of those things I wanted – ease, connection, joy, growing success, fun and play – came with it. 

And that’s why I’m running this free event, so I can share the shifts I made with you so that you can experience more ease, joy, connection and business growth too. 


Want to join me for Divine Inspiration?

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By signing up for this free event you will also be joining my mailing list. You can unsubscribe at anytime. 

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