Do you wish your staff were more engaged with their work and with your company?

It’s no secret these days that happy employees are more productive employees (by 30% according to recent research).

They’re also better sales people, more devoted to customer service, more loyal to their employer – and produce better, more consistent results for your bottom line.

Yet so many companies still shy away from using employee happiness as a strategy for success.

Those who have taken the leap find they have better staff retention rates, less sick leave, and perform 20% better than their competitors. With those kind of outcomes, there’s plenty of business reasons to support making your staff happiness a priority.

Some of the ways I can support you and your teams to be happier, more productive and perform better at work are:

  • Bespoke workshops (topics I can cover include: Connecting to the Company Vision; Personal Productivity and Motivation; Boosting Confidence; Creating Resilience; Raising Emotional Intelligence)
  • Executive coaching (especially for leaders who want to bring a greater level of inspiration, positivity, compassion and connection into the way they work with their people)
  • The Joy@Work Programme, a 6-week online programme that helps teams to: feel more connected; work more collaboratively; be more innovative; and learn how to take personal responsibility for enjoying their work on a day-to-day basis (which results in greater productivity).
  • Talks: “From Worker Bee to Inspire Employee: How to Get the Best From Your People”, is my latest offering

If you’d like to have a complimentary consultation with me to talk about specific strategies that could help you start to increase your staff engagement right now, email me at to book in for a call or fill in the form below.

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