Writing about big vs little transformations in your work

Have you ever sat down to write copy for your next workshop, webinar or training and thought:

“What the hell is the transformation I’m delivering here?”

“It’s a 1-2 hour event, it’s not like I’m delivering the WHOLE transformation I offer so what do I say?”

Let me introduce you to the idea of small t versus big T transformation.


Big T transformation is the whole shebang. It’s the biggest desired outcome your client has that you deliver. Likely this will take 3, 6, 12 months or more, depending on your process and what you help with.

If you’re a relationship coach, it could be helping your client finally meet their soulmate; or if they’re in a relationship that’s not working, it could be to create the connected, intimate relationship they’ve always wanted.

The big T transformation is the desire that’s in their heart that they long for; it’s the future experience they can see in their mind but don’t know how to bring into reality.

Small t transformations are the pieces they need to shift, learn, overcome, realign, in order to achieve their big T transformation.

I often call these your transformation pillars – because they are the things that the big T transformation are built on.

For instance, if your desired big T goal is to make $100K a year so you can work less and spend more time with your family, then the small t goals will likely be around your offers, your messaging, your systems and structures, and your identity – which are all things that need to be uplevelled in order to hit that $100K mark.

So, when it comes to writing tangible results and desired outcomes for your workshops, webinars and freebies, think about what is the small t transformation.

I was on a call recently with someone talking about running a mindfulness workshop and she asked: ‘What’s the big transformation I’m delivering? Because this is just a 2hr workshop where they are learning the skills of mindfulness.”

And I helped her to see that learning the skill is the first step, the first transformation pillar for them to achieve their big T transformation.

So everything you do doesn’t have to deliver the BIG transformation!

But we need to show how your workshop, webinar or training is an essential step in them building that big, desired outcome.


Transformation talk in action


As an example, one of the paid trainings I ran this year was the Map Your Genius Workshop.

I created it because I know that on the path to standing out as a trusted, go-to expert so you can create the biggest impact through your soul work (big T) you need to be clear on what your signature method is and how you deliver your results (small t).

So in my promo copy, I talked about:

  • What would they get: craft their signature framework (small t)
  • The tangible result of that: clearer communication of their value, which equals more sales
  • What desired outcome it would enable: them to stand out as a trusted, go-to expert, make their offers an easy yes, and get their work in the hands of more people who need it (big T)

The key to successfully talking about the transformations you deliver, whether big or small, is being clear on what they are for your clients.

So, if you haven’t already, definitely sit down and map out what are the small t transformations that you help people with on their way to that big T desired outcome transformation!

Then go and revisit your offers – whether freebies or paid – and see if it’s clear which of your small t transformation pillars they are delivering on.

Because the more clarity you have, the easier it is for you to explain why your offer is going to help your client achieve the outcomes they desire.

And when you can do that, it’s way easier for your dream clients to see why they need you, and say yes to working with you.