Be The Channel

Learn how to tap divine inspiration so you can easily create soul-aligned content that magnetises more of your dream clients


Standing out from the crowd is as easy as… sharing the truth of who you are.


Because there is NO ONE else out there like you.

So by just being YOU, your message is YOU-nique.

But we’re told it can’t be that easy.

We believe it needs to be harder.

We labour over our words and it becomes a time-sucking chore rather than the experience of divine flow that it can be.

Has it felt that way for you?

It sure was like that for me for a long time…
writing content felt like just plain hard work.

In the early years of my business I thought my words needed to be dazzling and polished… And, well, ‘perfect’.

I believed that if it didn’t all line up impeccably then I would look unprofessional.
I was scared I wouldn’t be taken seriously.
I was worried if my content wasn’t ‘good enough’ people wouldn’t hire me.

So I sweated over my words for hours and sometimes days, so I felt it was up to scratch before I sent out an email or posted on socials. It was exhausting for me and debilitating for my business.

And I carried on like this for YEARS.

Until I found myself doing something I had never expected in my client sessions…


Channelling content and copy.

And my clients LOVED it… because they got to see their work being shared with the power, energy and presence that was possible for them.


They got to see what could be through me.

And you know what? That wasn’t work for me!

It wasn’t hard, difficult or even a chore…

Instead it felt easy, joyful, energising and uplifting!

So I started playing with it more in my own copy and content writing.

Getting into the zone, and then writing or speaking my content or copy from the heart.

When inspiration hit, I would grab the pen and paper as fast as I could.

Over time I became disciplined to accept that I needed to allow the flow, and then edit later. Which saved me from sabotaging myself by trying to do it all perfectly at the same time.


And do you know what happened?

  • I got more intuitively connected to the message I was meant to share in the moment
  • I trusted more what was coming through me, even if it wasn’t what I thought I ‘should’ say
  • I moved out of my head and more into my heart when sharing
  • I felt the bliss of sharing my purest, truest message as often as I could
  • I released the need for perfection and trusted my presence to be enough.
  • And I surrendered to the easiest path to messaging success

Leaning in to being more ME and letting my soul’s voice shine through.


And that is what I want for you too.

To have the skill, belief, and joyful experience of channelling your content through the truth of who you are too.

So you can see how easy and simple it can be to deliver a powerful message that reaches your soul clients on all levels.

Because when you speak from your soul, they can’t help but hear you.

Channelling content is equal parts magic, trust, structure, surrender and practise. Melding those together is how I developed my ability to channel – and how you can too inside Be The Channel.


Over 7 weeks I will share with you the same process I used to start and grow my channelling skill. This beautiful process will:

  • Initiate you into deeper levels of your soul’s message
  • Move you out of your head and into your body, where flow happens
  • Work with a simple structure to give focus to your word downloads
  • Normalise and alchemise the resistance that interrupts your divine channel
  • Practise channelling your ideas in a safe space
  • Give you the keys to experiencing more joy in your content creation
  • Build the foundation for a truly magnetic message that mesmerises your people

And we will do that through a step-by-step process that builds week on week, that includes comprehensive workbooks, weekly live coaching and weekly free-style channelling exercises so you can access your messaging flow and build the muscle of channelling your own content!


With ease, little effort and a whole lot of fun.

Here’s what we’ll cover in our 7 weeks together:

Week 1: Connect to Your Soul’s Voice

It all starts with connection to your self and being able to hear the whispers of your soul and the nudges from your intuition.

Week 2: Foundations for Flow

We’ll approach it from a practical and energetic standpoint and get you set up to harness the beautiful flow that wants to come through you.

Week 3: Receptivity, Surrender, Trust

If we want to deepen our ability to channel we need to relax, surrender and step in to trust that what wants to come through you is exactly what you need to share.

Week 4: Barriers to Channelling

We all have them, and when you identify your main ones you can consciously work to dissolve them or move through them with a range of techniques I will share with you.

Week 5: Structure and Editing

I will show you a super simple structure you can use for posts, blogs, lives, or podcasts that will ensure you effectively share divine ideas in a way that is relevant to your soul client.

Week 6: Energy Calibration

Our body and mind need to acclimatise to the energy and frequency you channel, so we’ll cover practices that can help this natural part of the process and open you to more receptivity.

What’s inside the box:


  • Weekly trainings (either workbooks or videos or a combo of both)
  • Weekly live calls for coaching and integration (calls at 7.30pm Sydney Time. Check your timezone here.)
  • Weekly channelling exercises to strengthen that muscle
  • A supportive community inside Facebook where you can connect with other participants, practise channelling in a safe space, and get help between calls.

The next live round will start again in September 2024.


Close all FAQs
Do I need to have channelled before?

No, you just need to be willing and open to the possibility that you can 🙂 This is a skill anyone can develop, no matter your starting point.

What if I can already channel?

Then this will provide an opportunity to practise, refine and deepen your skill.

How will this skill be useful to me in my business?

If you’re someone who values and prioritises alignment, wants content creation to be easier and knows that co-creating with your soul / the divine is the way forward for you – this is an incredibly valuable and time-saving skill to develop.

Will this show me how to write sales copy?

This skill will help you write sales copy down the track, but this foundational programme focuses on channelling content, which is about getting an idea, bringing it through you and out to your soul clients so you can build connection, credibility, authority and trust.

Will we be working on things like ideal client and core messaging?

This programme will help you with that overall, but we won’t specifically be talking about them or crafting messaging. This is about accessing an on-tap creative source so you can channel these things yourself more effortlessly.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, you can email me at within the first 14 days of the programme to receive a full refund minus applicable Stripe fees.

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