What do you do when on paper your life looks brilliant, yet on the inside you feel numb?

You feel restless, dissatisfied and… like something’s missing.

You ask yourself:


“Is this it?”

Followed closely by, “What’s wrong with me?”

“Why don’t I feel happy when I’ve got so much to be grateful for?”


Well, if you’re anything like me, you make it your mission to find out what the hell is going wrong – and then you fix it.

‘Cause what’s the point of a cosy home, a fancy car and regular holiday jaunts if you don’t feel alive?


Happiness. Joy. Bliss. Contentment. Fulfilment. Peace. 

They are our deepest desires. They are the real reasons we do anything.


So if you’ve got the outer trappings, but not the inner emotional pay-off you were hoping for…

Have faith.


Because all those juicy, good feelings you’re hankering after?

They are right nearby, where you left them.

Inside you.

They’ve been there all this time – and I can help you reach them.


Hi there, I’m Lynn Hord, and for a bit of fun I like to call myself the Bringer of Joy.

(Did you crack a smile? Then we’re off to a good start already :))


OK, truth is I don’t actually bring the joy – because you’re already carrying it within you.

But so many people have no idea how to consciously access their very own bubbling, energising well of good feeling. Instead they rely on something to spark that feeling.

So I help you to reconnect, and find your very own recipe for ensuring you can experience all those wonderful, warming, life-affirming feelings – whenever you want to.


Jumped by Joy


The first time I cottoned on to the fact that all the good stuff I was feeling came from within me, that was the beginning.

That was the first step on my path to cultivating everyday joy.

That rather huge revelation came when I was about 31.

Up until then, I wouldn’t say I was the happiest person. I was weighed down by stress, worry and too intent on managing my life to actually enjoy it. I was constantly driven to “shine up my insides” as I called it, in the hope I would eventually have done enough inner work to “deserve” my reward at the end (regularly feeling content, happy and at peace more often than not).

In pursuit of those shiny insides, I attended a week-long self-development retreat in the Blue Mountains, just outside of Sydney. There were lots of breakthroughs and releasing of old stuff while I was there, but the mind-blowing moment happened when I was back at work the following week.




I was at my desk (I was working as a journalist at the time), doing nothing unusual, when I was flooded with an enveloping feeling of bliss. For a few minutes I tried to work out why I was feeling so good.

Was it the boyfriend? Nope. Umm. Did I have a nourishing conversation with someone? Nope, not that I could recall. Had something unusually good happened? Again, no.

And then it hit me.

This feeling wasn’t coming from something on the outside, it was coming from within. Whoa.

I had somehow connected to my inner well of joy and it was bubbling over.

Then the questions started pouring out of my mind…

How did this happen?

How does it work?

Is this a random event?

Can I do it again?

Since then, I’ve spent many years exploring those questions, trying things out and coming up with answers that work for me.

Answers that have helped me to get to a place where I now feel joy on a daily basis. I can access my inner well of happiness whenever I choose to.




I frequently experience a bubbling up of joy from deep within me for no reason at all.

I can easily spot the silver lining.

I laugh more.

I’m more light-hearted, even about the serious stuff.

I’m not as impacted by negative events.

I’m more resilient knowing I don’t have to rely on something external to feel good.

I’m much happier and more positive.

I flow with life much more.

My life isn’t 100% sorted by any means. But that’s the point, it rarely ever is, right? So what I’ve learnt to do is to be happy, to cultivate joy, no matter what my life looks like.




I know a lot of people want to experience more joy. They want to feel more alive. They want to enjoy their life not just exist. But they’re often looking in the wrong place or they don’t know how to connect to that inner well of juicy goodness.

And that’s what I want to change.

I want to help people reconnect with their inner joy, and show them ways to make that connection so strong and so sustainable that it’s like a tap they can turn on whenever they want to.

If you want to find out more on how I help people do that, you can:

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I hope you stick around and get even more inspired to focus on joy, and allow it’s magic to unfold in our life 🙂

Lynn x