Hi, I’m Lynn,

and I believe our business message is so much more than the words we say.

It’s a portal for global change; a vehicle for authentic self-expression; and a channel for business prosperity.

Most of all, it’s a conduit for BECOMING more of who you came here to be.

But raising our voice and sharing our heart’s message in a way that grows our business requires a crystal clear
message and the conviction to embody it.

And that is what my expertise is here to raise you higher with.

‘Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be
beautiful or believe to be useful’ – William Morris.


I’m Lynn Hord, Copy Queen and Intuitive Business Mentor. I help established women in business to embody their message and elevate their message to expert level so they can receive the recognition, respect and financial reward they deserve for the years they’ve spent honing their gifts and transformation.
I’ve been in business for 10 years, but the journey to arrive at where I am now, with all the expertise, experience and knowledge I can share, started loooong before that.

In fact, it all began when I was just 8 years old. See, I was a bright and sporty kid. I did well in class and on the sports ground. But growing up in Australia in the 80s was a bad time for talented kids. If you excelled, you became a target for bullies.

The bullying went on until I was 13, and at some point, I made an unconscious vow. That I would never hurt someone with my words in the way I had been harmed. I didn’t know it then, but as a highly-sensitive kid, every harsh word sent my way hurt real, real bad.

But at that age I had no idea how to fulfil that vow to not hurt with my words. So I just swallowed everything down. And continued that way for decades. Silencing my own voice for fear of harming others in the way that I was harmed.

Alongside this fear of using words verbally, was a deep love for the written word.

I was an avid reader, wrote poetry, and came top of my English class in high school. I did creative writing courses at uni, and went on to gain a communications degree majoring in journalism.

For the next 17 years I went on to master the written word as a journalist and editor working for Australian newspapers then British ones like The Daily Telegraph and The Independent. I knew how to tell stories with clarity, relevance and impact and I could express ideas and concepts with the best of them.

But even with all that skill… I still didn’t have a voice.

And nothing made that clearer than when I started my own business in 2013!


You see, all the writing I’d done was about other things and other people – not me. And writing for your business is a great deal about you.

It’s about answering the questions:
What can you do? Why can you do it? Why do you want to do it? What do you have to say? What impact do you want to have through the power of your voice?

Which all require speaking up, taking up space, and putting your thoughts, feelings and opinions out there for all the world to see. It requires taking a stand. And being OK with the fact some people won’t like what you have to say – and might tell you that in hurtful ways.

All of the above scared me shitless! Talk about trigger your fight or flight response.

Because that vow to not harm with my words had morphed into so much more over the years.

It distorted into a fear of saying the wrong thing and upsetting people. A refusal to say anything contradictory or conflicting because it could make me a target for the wrong kind of attention. And a terror of sharing the thoughts and feelings inside of me, whether good or bad, because of the deep exposure and vulnerability that would make me feel.

A day came a few years into my business, when it became crystal clear that my vow to not harm others, was now harming me. It felt like a wall existed between what was inside me wanting to be expressed, and what I could actually bring myself to physically say.

And that everything I wanted was on the other side of that wall. Real, deep connection. The exaltation of being fully me. Fulfilling the potential I could see but not embody. Being a respected, successful business owner whose work changed lives.

That’s when the real work began. Dismantling the wall that had kept me safe, but now kept me trapped.
People often think that because I’m awesome at words, it must have been a walk in the park to find my voice and figure out my message. It wasn’t.

I had to walk through the same fire as my clients and face all my internal fears and stories about the value of my contribution and my worthiness to take up space. Everything that made up that wall.

My fears of attack, rejection, and judgement. My feelings of shame, pain and isolation. My disconnection from my truth, power and divinity.

But here’s the thing… confidence in my message didn’t arrive because I’d nailed the perfect words, but because I finally believed in the words I was saying.
I believed in my ability to make a difference.
I believed in myself as an expert who has a magical way with words. I believed that people wanted to hear what I had to say.
I believed in my innate right to take up space and contribute to the conversation.
I believed that my work could get results and help others to embody THEIR message.

As soul-led business women we HAVE to have internal congruence or we can’t be bold and really stand in our true authority. We can’t ‘fake it till you make it’. And that inner alignment takes time, support and courage to face ourselves, release old stories and reshape ourselves anew time and time again.

This is why I love my work so much. Because the journey of finding, honing and amplifying your message supports women to become more of WHO THEY ARE.

I am so in awe of that 8-year-old me who made a silent vow,

because that vow has shaped who I am today. It created a devotion to understanding language and how we use it so that I could become the best communicator I could possibly be.

And now I use that mastery to help other soul-led women to embody their message and powerfully share it so that it attracts their soul clients, clearly expresses the value of their work, and ignites their income.

I am a wordsmith, a channel, a space holder and a magnifier. I see the extent of your brilliance even if you can’t. I feel what’s possible and show that to you. I help elevate you into your next level of impact.

If you’d like to find out the ways we would create wordy magic together, take a look at the ways you can Work With Me here. Or book in for a complimentary Message Clarity Call below and we can diagnose exactly what you need and how I can best help.


Client Love

Thank you Lynn from the bottom of my heart. I have been struggling for 10 years to put into words what I do and how I help people. You ‘got’ me right from the beginning of our session, you asked questions and you listened and understood. You spoke to me from your depths of being, giving me recognition and a way to let my ideal client know how I help. I now have really powerful copy that describes me and my offering. It conveys the essence of me which is priceless. I only wished I had known about you 10 years ago! I highly recommend you.

– Paula Adams, Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, dip International Hands of Light. Light Emerging and Core Light Healing Workshop Teacher

Working with Lynn is like having a copy angel in my corner. She helps me hone in on what’s important to my audience so I express that clearly in my copy. And with her strategic brain she makes sure my copy is focused on achieving the outcomes I want in my business. I’ve worked with Lynn over 8 years now and I keep coming back because she is fantastic with words and she helps me to deliver high-quality results every time.

– Karen Haller, Applied Colour + Design Psychology Specialist and author of The Little Book of Colour.

The official bio

Lynn Hord is a Copy Queen and intuitive business mentor who believes that your business message is a vehicle for global change, personal transformation and business prosperity.

Over 10 years in business, she has helped scores of women around the world to elevate their message, energy and offers into the next evolution of their soul work through her group programmes and 1-2-1 coaching.

She combines 20 years of wordsmithing as a journalist and copywriter with highly-developed intuitive listening that allows her to tune into the essence of her client’s work and find words that express the true power and impact of what they do.

When not making magic with words, this Aussie lass is at the beach, enjoying mini-adventures to new locations or eateries, and hanging with her beloved family and friends.

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