3 Aspects of Aligned Messaging: Soul, Self, Service

When it comes to sharing the message of your work, is your goal to feel in full flow? To feel really connected and stand behind what you’re saying? And enjoy the process of sharing or marketing your work on a daily basis?

Then keep reading as I’m going to share a framework to help you think about flow differently AND I’m going to bust some myths around what it takes to share a soul-aligned message and what that exactly means. 

Because sharing a powerful, aligned message isn’t just about your connection to the divine and your ability to receive downloads. 

It’s also about allowing your personality to shine though in HOW you deliver that message. 

And understanding WHO that message is in service too. 

So let’s dive in: 


Elements of flow: Soul.


When I think about creating flow I believe there are 3 parties involved: 

Your Soul. Your Personality. Your Audience. 

Soul-aligned messaging comes from your connection to something bigger or more transcendent. That could be Source, the Universe, your Higher Self, God, the Goddess, the Divine or whatever language feels most comfortable for you.

For me that connection comes through your soul, the spark of the divine within you. And we can access those soul whispers a number of different ways. Some of my clients love getting into nature, meditating, journaling, or doing bodywork to strengthen and open that connection. 

Whatever you do, spending time with this part of you – and allowing the space to do that – is incredibly valuable to nurturing and our connection to that part of ourselves is incredibly important! 

What works best for you to do that?


Elements of flow: Self. 


Soul-aligned messaging isn’t about getting your personality out of the way, but utilising it to share your message in the most natural and you-nique way possible! 

A concern I hear regularly is that other people are talking about what my clients do, but that’s not something I worry about at all. 

Because the more I lean into my personality, the more I share my work in a totally individual way that no one can replicate. So befriend your personality and identify and embrace your unique way of sharing. 

That could be in frameworks you create, the language that you use, the way you like to show up and deliver, how you use your hands and face, what you wear, the energy that you bring to your message, the stories that you share. 

This aspect of self – or personality – is exactly what you were given to stand out in the world! It’s made up of your knowledge, experiences, expertise, opinions, challenges, triumphs, energy, passions and light. 

So bring it. Bring ALL of it. All of YOU.


Elements of flow: Service. 


The final piece is considering where your flow lands – in the hearts of the people you are here to serve. 

Because we want our words to have a positive impact, right? You want your audience to have insights, or mindset shifts or be motivated and inspired to make change and take action. 

And to do this we need to understand the needs and wants of our audience, so we can speak to them and make our flow relevant for them. 

This can be as simple as asking the question: ‘Why does this matter to or for my audience?’ and making sure the answer to that is clearly expressed in your content and copy.

AND, just as importantly, be clear and intentional around what you want your audience to FEEL when they receive your words – love, compassion, joy, excitement, acceptance, inspiration etc – and get in that energy yourself before you start to create any messaging. 

Got any questions about this? I’d love to hear them. Send me a DM or email to hello@lynnhord.com and let me know. 

Have a beautiful week!