20 ways to feel joy rich when you’re cash poor


One of the biggest errors in thinking I come across with my clients is this:

I can be happy and enjoy my life when…

I’ve hit £XXXX in income a month.

I have the money to go on an exotic holiday.

I have the cash to treat myself whenever I want. 

They believe something they are yet to attain is what will enable them to finally be happy, enjoy life and feel joyful.

This thinking is pretty normal.

But it’s fundamentally flawed.

[Tweet “By looking outside yourself for happiness, you give away your power to truly be happy.”] 

But here’s the good news.

It is so simple for you to take back that power and take control of your own happiness, here, right now, today.

Because you don’t need anything more than you already have to increase your everyday joy.

That’s right, you don’t need more money, more time, or more stuff.

[Tweet “All you need to grow your everyday joy is to start paying attention.”]

Look, there is no denying money is great. It makes life easier, less stressful and sure does allow you to do a lot of cool, fun things.

But I bet you can bring to mind at least one person who has more money than you right now, can afford to do the things you want to do, but they are still not happy.


Because they are not present to the magic available in every moment.

They’re not looking for the good in their life, they’re staying focused on what they feel they lack.

But if you pay attention, if you are present to those everyday moments, there is so much beauty to be found.

Perhaps after reading this, you’re rolling your eyes and thinking, heard that before, so cliche.

If that’s you, I’ve got a question.

Have you actually tried paying attention? Actually allowed yourself to be present, feel wonder at the little things, and receive the joy that is just waiting for you in those moments?

If you haven’t, here’s a challenge for you.

Below I am going to list a whole bunch of little things that happen in everyday life and I want you to look for them in yours. When they turn up, I want you to stop, pay attention, and find something in that moment to be joyful about. There will always be something.




Write on a piece of paper what you think your daily joy percentage is, say you feel 50%.

Commit to seven days of paying attention.

At the end of each day, write down what percentage you felt joy that day.

After seven days, work out your average.

If you commit 100% to looking for those magic moments, I know you will feel your inner joy bubbling more than ever. No extra cash required.

To  help you with your shift in perspective, I’ve written down a short two-step process below to make sure you get the most out of those everyday moments. Plus, I’ve shared a list of 20 things that can light up my day, and could light up yours too (or help you start looking in the right place).




Here’s my simple two-step process to connect with the small things and soak up all the joy they offer:

First, you need to be present, not lost in your thoughts. You can’t notice the small things if your head is somewhere else. If you need help staying present, put a Post-it on your computer, a reminder on your phone or a hairband around your wrist – whatever works so that when you see it, it brings you back to the here and now.

Second, recognise the moment as joyful. Doing this allows you to awaken the feelings of joy, happiness and bliss, which is what you’re really after.

To acknowledge the moment you might saying something to yourself like:

“This [fill in the blank] makes me happy.”

“I love that I can [fill in the blank].”

“This is magic.”

“That [fill in the blank] is amazing.”

If you’re feeling super creative you could come up with your own little catchphrase that makes you smile – and doubles your joy in the moment!




  1. A walk in nature (connect with outdoor smells, body sensations, the feeling of space or whatever else you notice!)
  2. Laughter (sit down with a comedy, have a laugh with friends)
  3. Feeling warm and cozy wrapped up in a blanket at home when it’s freezing outside
  4. Cooking yourself a nurturing, comforting dinner
  5. Hugging a friend or loved one
  6. Reading your kids a book
  7. Playing tickles with them (or with an adult 😉 )
  8. Cuddling an animal
  9. Holding a warm cup of something hot on a cold day and feeling the warmth travel up your arms and through your body
  10. Feeling the warmth of the sun on your face in winter
  11. Exercise (connect with the feeling of exerting your body; lay down afterwards and enjoy the physical sensations)
  12. Smell a flower (get lost in the intoxicating smell of a rose)
  13. Savour a meal (delicious food is always a moment to savour, focus on the experiences of your taste buds!)
  14. Support someone else (be fully present for someone else, really listen to them, and feel rewarded by truly helping another)
  15. Spend quality time (shared experiences, whether watching a film, going for a walk, discussing a topic, sharing a meal, are all moments of magic shared with another)
  16. Listening to music that just makes you want to move (I do love me some groove time at home!)




17. Having a coffee or hot chocolate in a cafe (notice the tastes, smells, sights)

18. Sharing a glass of wine as an end of day/week reward at a classy bar (or at home!)

19. Taking yourself to see something beautiful (a garden, National Trust property, exhibition at a gallery)

20. Taking a mini-adventure to explore somewhere new (London borough, nearby village, local forest)

Remember, this is not about the doing, it’s about being present to the beauty in everything around you.

And it is paying attention that transforms those small things into moments of magic and joy.


Your thoughts?


Are you up for the challenge? If you’re willing to commit to seven days (or longer!) seeking out the magic moments in your everyday then declare it in the comments below and tell me your favourite moment from your day so far.

Plus, I’m going to be doing a 30-day Magic Moments Facebook challenge in the near future, so keep an eye out and join your fellow joy seekers in exploding your everyday joy.


Wishing you a day filled with magic moments,

Big hugs,

Lynn x