Want the five secrets to living a wildly joyful life?

The Power in Your Process

I’ve been talking a lot this year about how to express the value of your work so that your ideal clients really understand the return on investment when they work with you. Because when they get that, it makes it so much easier for them to say yes if your offer is a good fit.Continue Reading

Joy Isn’t a Luxury, It’s a Necessity

We’ve really got to talk about the idea that joy is a luxury. Because it really isn’t. Joy isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. It’s a necessity if you want to live your ultimate life. If you want to become the most expansive version of yourself. If you want your dreams to become reality. IfContinue Reading

Embrace the journey, one step at a time

What kind of joy person do you want to be? This was the question my spiritual mentor asked me a little while back and then she went on to give me options. Do you want to be the beacon of joy? Where you walk into a room and light it up and everyone feels greatContinue Reading

Are you on a fate path or a destiny path?

I was listening to a webinar the other day and it really got me thinking about the difference between fate and destiny. I’m a believer in destiny and have always done what I can to figure out my destiny, be in alignment with my destiny and allow it to blossom as my life unfolds. ButContinue Reading

The 3 Words That Will Guide My Year

I usually choose words for the year and by the end of January I’ve forgotten all about them. But for 2018, I want to do it differently. The words I want to live by this year pretty much hit me over the head in December. I had been having some really intense and super fruitfulContinue Reading

Don’t let the global fear get you

I’m not much of a political animal, but it’s hard not to be sucked in to what’s happening in the world given the crazy times we are living in. Last year was Brexit, where I was shocked to wake up on June 24 and discover more people in the UK chose isolation over inclusion. ThenContinue Reading

17 Christmas Capers to Connect With Your Festive Spirit

Ok friends, it’s 17 days and counting until Christmas. Are you excited?! Or are you feeling bowed under the weight of Christmas stuff? The silly season can be so divisive – I’ve got friends who love the fanfare and others who just want to hide away and forget cooking, family time and present shopping!! PersonallyContinue Reading

5 steps to get the support you need (and feel less alone)

For much of my life I have tried to do everything myself and not rely on other people. My fear of being let down, being disappointed or of flat-out rejection kept me soldiering on and refusing to make myself vulnerable and expose myself to potential pain (as I saw it at the time). But whatContinue Reading

Lessons from a week on two wheels

This time last month I would have woken up somewhere in Wales and after a hearty b&b breakfast, donned my Kevlar jeans and armoured jacket, swung my leg over the beast that is the Suzuki 1250 and cruised off through the lush Welsh countryside. It’s not everyone’s idea of a good time, but this week-longContinue Reading

Gentle Joy vs Mental Joy

I was at a workshop a few months ago and halfway through the day we were paired up with someone else to do an exercise that was around sharing the essence of the work you do. I wasn’t feeling great that day so although I shared with my partner about my vision for spreading joyContinue Reading

Want five secrets to living a wildly joyful life?

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