Welcome to The Joy Jam Collective...

...a community of high-vibe, conscious, female entrepreneurs supporting each other to make a bigger impact, stay aligned and have fun on the journey, together

Are you someone who is dedicated to working from a place of joy, flow and service?  

Do you feel your impact would be even greater if you could stay consistently inspired, focused and motivated?

  Do you want to laugh, play and grow with an amazing group of entrepreneurial, soul-centred women in business?

If so, then I think you'll love what I've got cooking up... 

You already know that women are changing the way the world works.  

You know that when women gather together, incredible, magical things happen.  

And more, now than ever, we're being called to step up, be bolder, be braver, share our message and our truth.  

I know you feel that call too, but sometimes staying in that frequency while existing in the matrix can be a tricky business.  

But you need to right, because you are here to transform the world around YOU. I get it!  

So, here’s my question for you…  

How would it feel to have a magical online oasis where you can go, as needed, and be:  


 INSPIRED By new ideas, by the successes of your biz buddies, by the possibilities of what you can create, and by a shared vision for creating massive, positive change in the world. 

SUPPORTED By a community of like-minded, very cool women who you can share the ups and downs of the journey with and who you'd love to spend time with inside + outside of work :) 

NOURISHED By good ol' fashioned meaningful chats - and plenty of laughs - both in person and online

CONNECTED To a posse of talented, powerful women also on a mission to fashion their business and life from a conscious, high-vibe place (think potential collaborators or simply partners in crime ;p)

DELIGHTED By the fun and possibility of the entrepreneurial path - and reminders that this self-employment lark is way cool and provides endless opportunity to design a business + life that you love!

A space where you’ll be lovingly held to the alignment of your highest self, encouraged to keep releasing and letting go of the thoughts, fears, stories and limitations in the way of you creating your biggest impact, and invited to keep exploring what it means to be a conscious entrepreneur for you, and your business.  

In a nutshell being a part of this conscious community will remind you to:  

Bring it back to joy.  

Bring it back to service.  

Bring it back to what is easy and in flow.  

Yes! Yes! Yes!  

Let’s make this fun, let’s do it together, and let’s keep raising each other up.  

If you want to be part of this amazing crowd of women and help to shape this new community, keep reading... 

What awaits you inside The Joy Jam Collective 


A guest expert will come in each month to help us dive deeper into the monthly theme. (More on monthly themes below)


Celebrations, challenges, questions and even the occasional existential crisis - this is the place to tap into the collective wisdom, support, warmth and encouragement.  


Once a month we'll draw on the collective wisdom of the group to problem solve, draw on others' experiences and find practical solutions


Once a quarter we'll gather online in Zoom Rooms (super fun!) to network and connect with those farther afield


Enjoy face-to-face connecting at the monthly Joy Jam Sessions 'networking' event as part of your membership


Every quarter we'll have a fun event in and around London so you can deepen friendships + have a laugh while you're at it (you will vote on these - could be anything from picnics in the park to London cycle tours or walks!)

Lynn gathers an incredible calibre of women

- Lara Waldman, the Abundance Activator -

Doors are currently closed to the Joy Jam Collective. If you'd like to know when they open again, click the link below and leave your details.

Some words about the Joy Jam vibe...

A little about me

Hi there, I'm Lynn Hord, the Joy Coach. My work is all around helping people align with joy in their business, life and relationships, so that they can experience more of what they want. And when it comes to women in business, what I’ve noticed they often want is way more connection, more time with their ‘tribe’, more collaboration with women who share their values, and not to mention, more fun! Over the last 5 years in my business I’ve met a whole host of amazing, talented women, many who I now call dear friends. I doubt I would be where I am without their support, so I know just how important these connections are when you’re self-employed. Last year, after running several talks that ended up feeling like coffee mornings because all the ladies who showed up knew each other but had no idea they were each coming - it was crazy! - I realised what was happening… I was getting the divine nudge to create a space where conscious women in business could come to meet like-minded souls who shared their vision to create positive change in the world, and enjoy the journey together :) That’s how my well-loved networking group, the Joy Jam Sessions, was born, and The Collective is the next evolution. It’s an opportunity to create deeper friendships, form a close-knit tribe, grow together, explore together, support each other in business and make sure we’re enjoying ourselves along the way (‘cause we’re meant to be we often forget!) If you’d like more time hanging out with women who aspire to the same things, share similar values, and are pretty cool ladies to boot, then come on over and join us in the Collective :)  

A sneak peek of topics you can look forward to when you join...

I've lined up an incredible bunch of guest speakers to share their wisdom with us, so here are some of the topics in the pipline over the next 6 months... (exact dates to be determined)

  • The Entrepreneurial Edge, with Kate Gerry
  • The Alchemy of Shadow Integration, with Nicola Humber
  • Uncovering and Healing Your Unmet Needs, with Claire Brummell
  • Abundance Activation, with Lara Waldman
  • Creating a Framework of Joy in your Business, with Lynn Hord
  • Being Radically Authentic in Your Business, with Monica Douglas-Clark
  • A session with EFT Practitioner, aka the Mindset Magician, Linda Anderson :) (specific topic to come!)