Want the five secrets to living a wildly joyful life?

How big is your heart? And why it matters

Did you know that the size of your heart influences how much joy flows through your life? True story. But I’m not talking about your literal heart, I’m talking about your heart chakra. The energy centre that sits in the centre of your chest. (If you’re not sure, the chakras are 7 energy points thatContinue Reading

Interview with The Abundance Activator, Lara Waldman

How many times have you said or heard someone say, “I’d love to but I can’t afford it”? Or “I’d really like to go to the theatre/on holiday/ watch that game/ out for dinner but the budget’s too tight”? I’ve heard my clients say it and I’ve sure said it myself too. Trouble is, whenContinue Reading

The Power of Play (and 3 ways to feel more playful)

How often do you do something just for the fun of it? Once a week, a few times a week, or if you’re honest, very rarely? If that’s you, you are so not alone! Since I started out as a Joy Coach, one of the things that has surprised me most is how resistant people areContinue Reading

3 ways we set ourselves up to fail at happiness

We all want to be happy. And we think we know how to go about that, sort of. But given the evidence in our lives, we’re really not sure we have a clue. Because if we did (have a clue), wouldn’t we be happier? That’s how the conversation used to go in my head –Continue Reading

A 20-year-old’s surprising take on joy

I was talking to a 20-year-old the other day and I was rather surprised by what she said (or didn’t say) when I asked her about joy. It’s probably not what you would expect someone of her age to say, but it’s definitely something I’ve heard many times before, but usually from people much older,Continue Reading

Need an antidote to self-criticism?

We’re talking about something serious today – self-criticism. This thing erodes self-worth, crushes joy, and in short, it sucks. But still, most of us deal with it on a fairly regular (if not daily) basis. Do you fall in that category? Why are we so mean to ourselves? Because it’s what we learnt, we weren’tContinue Reading

How to Plug a Self-Belief Gap

Napoleon Hill said: “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve” Oprah said: “You become what you believe” Theodore Roosevelt said: “Believe you can and you’re half way there” Now, I am 100% behind the power of positive thinking. I wouldn’t be where I am without it. But the thing that really frustratesContinue Reading

Interview with Tapping Expert, Linda Anderson

I’m really excited to be sharing with you the first in my new Expert Interview Series. Today we’re talking with the wonderful Linda Anderson, who is an EFT (tapping) expert and mindset magician 🙂 Linda and I met last year in a business mentoring programme that we did together and found that we have aContinue Reading

Want five secrets to living a wildly joyful life?

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