Want the five secrets to living a wildly joyful life?

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5 steps to get the support you need (and feel less alone)

For much of my life I have tried to do everything myself and not rely on other people. My fear of being let down, being disappointed or of flat-out rejection kept me soldiering on and refusing to make myself vulnerable and expose myself to potential pain (as I saw it at the time). But whatContinue Reading

How to handle uncertainty in romantic relationships

I’ve been living with a whole lot of uncertainty lately. A new relationship in my life has a raft of unanswered questions – and those questions aren’t for me to answer. I’m not in control of when they are answered, or what the answers will be. But they sure will affect me. Not the mostContinue Reading

Is it OK to be happy when my partner isn’t?

What do you do when your partner is going through a rough time, but your life is going great guns in comparison? Maybe they’re facing redundancy and you get a promotion, or they are really struggling to get their business off the ground but your work is blooming, or maybe they are just in aContinue Reading

Want five secrets to living a wildly joyful life?

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