Want the five secrets to living a wildly joyful life?

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Joy Isn’t a Luxury, It’s a Necessity

We’ve really got to talk about the idea that joy is a luxury. Because it really isn’t. Joy isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. It’s a necessity if you want to live your ultimate life. If you want to become the most expansive version of yourself. If you want your dreams to become reality. IfContinue Reading

17 Christmas Capers to Connect With Your Festive Spirit

Ok friends, it’s 17 days and counting until Christmas. Are you excited?! Or are you feeling bowed under the weight of Christmas stuff? The silly season can be so divisive – I’ve got friends who love the fanfare and others who just want to hide away and forget cooking, family time and present shopping!! PersonallyContinue Reading

Resisting gratitude? This may be why

Have you had that experience where you just don’t want to be grateful? Maybe it feels like a little voice inside you that rebels, throws a tantrum, and says, “But I don’t want to be grateful!” That was me about a month ago. Which was odd as gratitude has been a daily practice for meContinue Reading

Want five secrets to living a wildly joyful life?

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