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17 Christmas Capers to Connect With Your Festive Spirit

christmas-trees-1823938_1280Ok friends, it’s 17 days and counting until Christmas.

Are you excited?! Or are you feeling bowed under the weight of Christmas stuff?

The silly season can be so divisive – I’ve got friends who love the fanfare and others who just want to hide away and forget cooking, family time and present shopping!!

Personally I have a foot in both camps.

Parties, presents, Christmas sparkle, lights, family time – yes!

Present shopping madness, excess, rushing around, 30-hour flight to Oz – no!

The trouble with Christmas is we can forget to step off the Tinsel Train and enjoy the magic that this time of year brings.

I’m a big believer in taking the best bits and leaving the rest. I know that is easier said than done, which is why today’s blog is all about Christmas Capers – those fun, delightful opportunities that abound right now to enjoy the true magic and blessing of this special time of year.

I’m going to share with you 17 ways that in the next 17 days you could add some Christmas sparkle to your festive December. So print this out, stick it on the fridge and follow along, or just pick the ones you like and go for it.

I’m going to be sharing these practical, fun and uplifting ideas on social media too, so if you want daily inspiration to step out of this season’s stress and into the festive spirit, you can follow me on Twitter or Facebook to get your daily dose.

17 days and 17 ways to boost your Christmas sparkle

Dec 9: Marvel at some Christmas lights – it’s one of the highlights of this time of year, so take the time to admire them! (I’m lucky to live in London and the Regent Street lights are always spectacular – this year there are angels flying all the way up the street!)

Dec 10: Mulled wine! So warming, so festive. Or mince pies if that’s more your kinda thing.

Dec 11: Start your day with thanks. What about this time of year do you love? Give gratitude for one thing every day – say it out loud or even share on social media (and tag me too!)

Dec 12: Make footprints in the frost or the snow!

Dec 13: Find a roaring fire, and cozy up with a book/beer/coffee/wine

Dec 14: Step out in your sparkliest clothes and feel amazing!

Dec 15: Get creative with gifts – if you’re stuck think about sharing an experience (dinner/theatre) or taking them on a mini adventure (like a surprise day out!)

Dec 16: Slash your to-do list. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, SIMPLIFY! Ask yourself, is this really essential for a great Christmas?

Dec 17: Decorate a Christmas corner – even if you’re not much of a decorator, make a special place where you can put cards, pressies and some (or a lot of) tinsel!

Dec 18: Share the load. Think of Christmas as a team sport, the best ones are when we all pull together, so start delegating tasks, dishes, wrapping, decoration!

Dec 19: Buy yourself a present – something you want not need, that brings a smile to your face! Frivolous is absolutely fine 🙂 (It can be little)

Dec 20: Christmas music! OMG, nothing gets me in the mood like some seasonal tunes. Press play and enjoy! I’m loving some Michael Buble  or the crooner duo Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin

Dec 21: Sing carols!! When you’ve got the music on, give yourself an extra special boost by singing along!

Dec 22: Send a special note to those afar. Let them know you love them and share something you admire or appreciate about them.

Dec 23: Give yourself permission to press pause. You can’t appreciate this time if you’re constantly on the go, so stop for five minutes, breathe, and remember what Christmas is all about (not your to-do list!)

Dec 24: It’s Christmas Eve, so have a sneaky nose around the tree to see what presents have your name on it (I learnt this one from my mum and now it’s part of our family tradition, but she still doesn’t adhere to the no touching rule! LOL)

Dec 25: Share the joy of connection, and be intentional about enjoying the people around you today. 

The key to Christmas is to not let all the stuff that goes with it get on top of you. Get into the spirit of Christmas by enjoying the best this time of year has to offer, and reminding yourself that it’s about the people you love and showing them your love and appreciation whether that’s through gifts, quality time, loving words or cooking a glorious Christmas spread – or however you express your care and affection!

What about you?

If you were going to do Christmas your way, what would you definitely do from the list above? Let me know in the comments below what you think will help you to reconnect with or enhance your Christmas spirit.

If you want to receive these as daily inspirations right up to Christmas, follow me on Twitter or Facebook. Share what you do so we can spread the Christmas joy and tag me @LynnHord when you post!

Hope this helps you to enjoy this magical time of year even more.

Big hugs,


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